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We are proud to welcome you to Auction Report, the premier web site for news coverage and more on the best auction companies, dealers, and authentication services in the sports memorabilia and sprortscards business.

Our purpose is for the consumer to gain knowledge on the companies such as dates, times, consingments information, auction coverage (including previewing of auctions), real time coverage of current auctions, post auction coverage (including prices realized), and for the companies themselves to have a better outlet to convey their information to collectors around the world!

Collectors can learn how to bid properly in the auction, learn the secrets on when to bid, and better understand the items each of the companies feature for sale and or in their auctions.

We also feature in depth coverage on important topics within the industry writtenby some of the most prominent and respected people in our industry! Features include interviews with leading experts, Q & A with some of the auction companies, and much more!

This is your one stop source for the best information on the Sportscards and Sports Memorabilia companies in the business!

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Auction Report is the premier web site for news coverage and more on the best auction companies.

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