Clean Sweep Auction Current Auction Features Sports Cards and More Ending June 28th

Clean Sweep Major Auction Closes May 31st – Autographs, Cards and More

Clean Sweep Auctions begins this catalog with the always popular $5 reserve vintage card auction. Mainly from before 1960, this auction contains a wide variety of collector grade baseball card singles and lots, going back to the 19th century. We also have an interesting selection of boxing cards from the 19th century through 1951.  Visit our web site at to bid, register and view items.  The auction closes on June 28, 2017.

The auction begins with three N172 Old Judge cards and continues with a solid selection of T206s. HOFers here include Duffy, both Walter Johnsons, Keeler, Lajoie, two Mathewsons and Speaker, all in collector grade. The auction continues with T201s of Ty Cobb and Walter Johnson. We have a large offering of clean 1914 B18 Blankets, including many better variations, brown in eld cards and HOFers. It is a really wise idea to review this section if you collect these fun and colorful cards.


Pre-War cards continue with a 1934 R309-1 American League All Star team card and a 1935 Four-In-One Exhibit card with Lou Gehrig and three other Yankee HOFers. We have a nice run of BF3s with Babe Ruth and two Lou Gehrigs and a run of 1939 R303-Bs with a nice DiMaggio and Greenberg among so many more.

Topps and Bowman collectors will see some of the key cards in collector grade from 1948 and 1950 Bowman. There are small but good runs of 1951 and 1952 Bowmans as well. There are some higher grade 1953 Bowman Colors, a run of 1953 Canadian Exhibits and a terrific 1953 Topps common lot. We have the usual selections from 1954 – 1959 Topps and Bowman, with some quality group lots and many key star cards.

The auction has several larger group lots that we do not typically offer that are ideal for dealer or value-oriented collectors. The auction concludes with a run of over 50 boxing cards, from N162 to N28/N29 to 1951 Ringside. These are fun cards to add to any vintage card collection and they will certainly not break the bank!

As for our sale catalog, it is one of the deepest we have ever had. We have been on a huge buying spree for the past few months. Of particular note, we added a near-set of 1915 Cracker Jacks and a world of pre-war HOF cards from 1887 right through 1941.

Autographs come first, our unmatched inventory of HOF single signed balls continues to grow, with many new additions. Deceased singles also have many new additions, as do most of the other categories. We have new signed photos, plaques and more.

Baseball cards for sale of note include a run of N28 Allen & Ginters with Anson and Kelly, three new 1907 Grignon Cubs, many, many new T206 HOFers including all keys in grades from 1-4, three new E103 Williams Caramel cards, new T205 HOFers and a new T3 Mathewson. We continue with a new run of 1914 B18 Blankets, the key cards from the 1913 National Game and 1914 Polo Grounds issues and the aforementioned 1915 Cracker Jacks. We have many new E120-E121 HOFers and a great selection of the wonderful 1920s Exhibit card issues.

1933 Goudey collectors will see a large number of new graded HOFers, including three different Ruths and two different Gehrigs. We also have some new 1941 Play Ball keys, including Ted Williams, Pee Wee Reese and two Joe DiMaggios. Oddball baseball includes some new additions as well, including several Mint 9 1951 Wheaties full boxes, PSA 10 1961 Chemstrand Patches and other assorted additions.

Topps and Bowman collectors will see a new 1951 Bowman Nellie Fox PSA 7, a Willie Mays Rookie SGC 3, many clean 1953 Topps HOFers and commons including a beautiful Mays and some PSA 7s, two new 1956 Topps Mantles, a clean run of 1957 Topps stars, many new 1959s and star cards from various years in the 1960s, including a terrific SGC 7 61 Mantle.

Clean Sweep Auctions
99 Seaview Blvd Suite 350 Port Washington NY 11050 Phone 516 625 0900 Fax 516 625 0902
email: [email protected]


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