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Tracking The Most Watched Sports Collectibles on eBay

Sports Collectors Daily is adding another feature to its website that enables readers to see what sports cards and memorabilia are grabbing the most attention on eBay.

The new portal, available through the “What’s Hot on eBay” link on, enables visitors to see a live feed of the most watched items on eBay in various sports card and sports memorabilia categories. This information gives collectors a look at what items are currently attracting the most attention from bidders, whether they are interested in old baseball or other sports cards, autographs or game-worn jerseys.

“ There’s a lot going on in the industry and trends really show up first on eBay.”  One of the best sports memorabilia stories of 2012 was the “Black Swamp Find” in Defiance, Ohio where a stash of baseball cards was discovered sitting in an attic, virtually untouched for nearly a century. Hundreds of mint and near mint cards including some of Hall of Famers Honus Wagner and Ty Cobb were discovered, affirming once again the popularity of vintage baseball cards.

As America cleans out its attics and dealers push the hottest cards and memorabilia online, the “What’s Hot on eBay” link  can offer readers a quick look at the market’s ‘most watched’ items in a matter of seconds, thanks to a partnership with eBay. Along with the number of ‘watchers’, visitors can see the current price of a hot item, a thumbnail image, the number of bids and item number.


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