1921 American Caramel Set Takes Over Top Ranking – Heads to SCP Auctions April 2019 Auction

The finest 1922 American Caramel E121 set of all-time is coming to auction April 10 courtesy of SCP Auctions. But don’t let its seemingly pedestrian 4.66 set rating fool you: the classic black-and-white E121 series is one of the most elusive pre-war sets in the hobby, boasting multiple variations of Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and other hardball legends that romanticized America’s pastime during the Roaring ‘20’s and beyond.

This newly-surfaced collection, dormant for almost 30 years, was recently graded and registered by PSA (‘SCP Auctions Spring 2019’), easily surpassing the previous high set rating of 4.10. There is even greater separation when Weighted GPA (4.94 to 3.87) and GPA with Top Pop Bonuses (5.66 to 4.10) are considered. A mind-blowing 28 cards stand alone as the highest graded examples in the PSA pop report, with a total of 46 top-rated cards overall.  Two of the three Ruth’s are included (‘Holding Bird’ and ‘Photo Montage’) as well as one of the two Cobb versions. Five cards have earned a near impossible NM 7 status.

SCP Auctions’ 2019 Spring Premier kicks off April 10 and bidding closes April 27 at SCPAuctions.com.

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