New eBook Launched: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide to 1970 Topps Baseball Cards

Collectors Guide to 1970 Baseball CardsSports Collectors Daily has announced the launch of a new e-book that will help you remember why you collect baseball cards… or what your collection is missing.

The Ultimate Collector’s Guide to 1970 Baseball Cards includes an incredible accumulation of information on the cards, the sets, the packs, the boxes, the sidebar sets, the test issues, the Canadian-based OPC set and more.

Co-produced by super pack collector and writer Unopened Pack Guy, The Guide also takes you back in time, weaving the historical and pop culture events that shaped the dawn of a new decade. The 1970 baseball card set was avidly collected by kids who plunked down a dime for ten razor-sharp cards and a stick of bubble gum. You’ll discover fascinating trivia and little known facts about the players who donned the uniforms that year.

Get the checklists. Read the stories. Get insights into the production codes that accompanied the packs along with long forgotten information too. The book is worth the $4.97 price tag for the unopened pack information alone.

Whether you are an avid card collector, baseball historian or just a mild mannered fan, you won’t be disappointed by the stories, the photos and just plain fun inside this book.

The Ultimate Collector’s Guide to Collecting 1970 Baseball Cards ($4.97) is available for both the Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook readers.  If you don’t have a tablet or e-reader, you can easily download a free reader for PC on each of those sites.

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