Albersheim’s Annual Make Your Own Offer Sale – Ends June 14, 2016

Bid: Albersheims May 14, 2016 Auction Features Amazing Autographs, Memorabilia and MoreIt’s summer time, the kids are out of school, and maybe you’ve got a little free time on your hands. Then again, maybe you don’t. However, we all work hard for our money and at Albersheim’s we know exactly what that means. Many collectors just think of us as an auction house; however that could be the furthest from the truth. We’ve been buying and selling high end sports memorabilia for over 35 years. In honor of all the hard working Moms and Dads out there, we wanted to give you a chance to add to your collections at a price that works for you. So on that note, we’re running our Annual MAKE YOUR OWN OFFER SALE!


This sale is unlike any other sale we’ve ever rolled out in over 25 years in the business. We’re going to let you contact us and make your own offer on our inventory. If we’re in the ballpark; you’ll own it! Now remember, offering $5 or $10 on a $100 item will most likely land your email in the delete pile, but no reasonable offer will be refused. What’s the worst case scenario? You make an offer and we say no?

Now often times over the years, I’ve been asked, “Rich, how do you price your inventory?”

That’s a hard question to answer, but when pricing merchandise there are several factors that go into the equation:

1. What did we pay for it?
2. What does this item sell for on the open market (auction prices – other dealer prices)
3. Supply and demand
4. How much will it cost us to replace this item?
5. How long have we been carrying this piece? (it does cost money to carry inventory)

We expect to be flooded with offers, so the better your offer; the more likely the item will end up in your collection. Please email us at or call to reserve your items at 702-800-4912 or toll free 1-855-450-5500.

The sale is only good between June 8 – June 14, 2016.



Remember, The sale is only good between June 8 – June 14, 2016. I know I’ll probably get a bunch of calls after the sale is over from collectors who will ask me if I’m going to have the “Make Your Own Offer Sale” again. To answer the question, quite frankly; I don’t know. I might get cleaned out.

So go to the website ASAP and get in on the “MAKE YOUR OWN OFFER SALE.”

Orders must be placed via email or phone 702-800-4912 or toll free 1-855-450-5500. (if you don’t get us live on the phone, you must leave a voice mail with the items you’re interested in) or via our new on-line store!

BUYING $$$$$ As a side note, we’re actively looking for game used, trophies,
and championship rings in BASKETBALL, football, and BASEBALL. $$$$$$