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Albersheim’s Holiday REALLY REALLY GREAT Sale Spectacular

Since last newsletter, we’ve been overseas and it’s time to get back down to business. We know because of the economy a lot of people are trying to cut back on their spending for the holiday season. If you pay attention to the auctions, prices haven’t really been dramatically affected for quality material. Believe me, we’ve been trying to buy a ton of material, but the prices really haven’t been dropping. However, we like to help our friends and clients and we’d like to buy lots of presents for loved ones this year, so we’re offering a 5% discount on all orders placed in the next 7 days.

If you spend over $1000 we’ll give you a 15% discount for being a big spender. Hey, this is better than those cash back credit cards that some people use. Check this all out at today!!! To give you a taste of some of the fantastic items that we’ve added to the Albersheim collection check these out:

Baseball HOF Autograph Items
Charles Comiskey Typed letter signed, Barney Dreyfuss typed letter signed, Branch Rickey Typed letter signed, Alex Pompez & Roy Campanella signed photo, and George Wright signature.

Football HOF Autograph Items
Check out our Packers team sheet with Curley Lambeau and Heisman Winner Bruce Smith. As many of you know, Al Davis is the toughest living Pro Football Hall Of Famer. His signature usually sells in the $300-400 range. He refuses to sign, even for his former players. There are many forgeries out there. Grab one of these checks for $395 before they are all gone! Make sure to check our 4 Horsemen of Notre Dame autograph ensemble too!

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Best wishes,

Richard Albersheim


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