Consign or Sell with One Click
Consign or Sell with one click

Albersheim’s New Inventory For Sale

Albersheim’s appreciate everyone’s patronage over the past year and thank everyone who has made a purchase or sold us some of their valued treasures. It’s what keeps us in business and it’s what allows us to keep beating the bushes to find autographs and sports memorabilia that very few people in the world are fortunate enough to possess.  We’ve added a ton of new original photos to our inventory as well as many amazing autographs.   Orders must be placed via email or phone 215-665-1953 (if you don’t get us live on the phone, you must leave a voice mail with the items you are interested in) or via our new on-line store! Check this all out at or Call 215-665-1953.   Check this all out at today!

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