Albersheim’s Make Your Own OFFER Sale – Starts NOW

What is the – MAKE YOUR OWN OFFER SALE?  This sale is unlike any other sale we’ve ever rolled out in over 25 years in the business. We are going to let you contact us and make your own offer on our inventory. If we’re in the ballpark; you’ll own it! Now remember, offering $5 or $10 on a $100 item will most likely land your email in the delete pile, but no reasonable offer will be refused. What’s the worst case scenario? You make and offer and we say no?

Now often times over the years, I’ve been asked, “Rich, how do you price your inventory?”

That’s a hard question to answer, but when pricing merchandise there are several factors that go into the equation.

1. What did we pay for it?
2. What does this item sell for on the open market (auction prices – other dealer prices)
3. Supply and demand
4. How much will it cost us to replace this item?
5. How long have we been carrying this piece? (it does cost money to carry inventory)

We expect a ton offers to be coming in, so the better your offer; the more likely the item will end up in your collection. Feel free to email us at or give us a call at 215-665-1953.

This sale will be in effect Wednesday February 15 – Wednesday February 22, 2012. After that, sales return to normal.

We also wanted to let everyone know that you can check out our latest updated inventory (at anytime by going to our website) at

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Now we want to assure you, that this is not a going out of business sale. I’ve been collecting since 1981 and selling since 1985. I’m addicted to this hobby.

In fact, as I write this email today, I’m working on several estates of deceased professional athletes. Buying these estates takes money. Along with raising some extra capital for trading in the financial markets; I figure why not give my long time loyal customers a chance to grab some super duper bargains.

Remember, this sale will be in effect only from February 15 – 22nd of 2012. The last time we ran one of these sales, we sold over 25% of our inventory. Don’t regret that you could have bought something at a fantastic price once you see something gone from our website. Come on, make an offer.

So go to the website ASAP and get in on the “MAKE YOUR OWN OFFER SALE”.

BUYING – $$$$$ As a side note, we’re actively looking for game used, trophies, and championship rings in BASKETBALL, football, and BASEBALL. $$$$$$

(Items pictured above include: (Left to Right) – Nick Basca (NFL WWII casualty signed team sheet),Fats Henry Signed GPC, Ernie Lombardi’s 1939 All-Star Award, Heisman Winner -Clint Frank Signed photo, Toughest Heisman Autograph – Nile Kinnick signed banquet program,and 1956 Cardinals team signed baseball with Charley Peete