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Albersheim’s Recession Blues Sale – Time Sensitive got back from the National Sports Collector’s Convention in Chicago a few weeks ago and it was an action packed event. Attendance was way off from past years, but sales were brisk. I don’t think I had a free moment to myself. My theory is that during times of economic uncertainty a lot of collector’s buying habits slow down. However those who apply the theories of the most successful stock picker in the history of the world; Warren Buffet, buy when everyone else is scared. They start selling off and when the market is hot. Smart! So to those daring collectors who are trying to put together a fantastic collection, now is the time to buy. Think about it, you’re going to get better deals during a recession. Since I started collecting in 1981, I’ve personally witnessed several economic cycles.

For those who are suffering from the Recession Blues, we’re offering 10% off if you order by August 27, 2008.

Hurry though as we’re closing the office for the month of September for a much needed vacation. You must mention the RECESSION BLUES discount for this apply to your order.

Please place your order within the next 7 days to insure shipment of your merchandise before we close the doors for the next 30 days!

Check this all out at today!

Speaking of the Nationals Sports Collector’s Convention, we picked up some killer pieces.

Baseball HOF Autograph Items
Roy Campanella signed and postmarked postcard from 1950, Roberto Clemente signed 1961 Reds scorecard, gorgeous Ty Cobb signed check, Babe Ruth signed 8×10 photo, Lou Gehrig signed photo with Babe Ruth, Mel Ott signature, Jimmie Foxx signed 3×5 card, Willie Mays early 50’s signature, Abner Doubleday signed handwritten letter, and a gem mint Billy Southworth signed 3×5 card.

We also picked up some fantastic team signed baseballs, some super rare football autographs, as well as a slew of wire photos and original photos (the photos are not listed on our site).

We have a small quantity of Al Davis signed checks. As many of you know, Al Davis is the toughest living Pro Football Hall Of Famer. His signature usually sells in the $300-400 range. He refuses to sign, even for his former players. There are many forgeries out there. Grab one of these checks for $395 before they are all gone! Make sure to check our 4 Horsemen of Notre Dame autograph ensemble too!

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