Consign or Sell with One Click
Consign or Sell with one click

Albersheim’s Super Website Update – New Inventory, Specials, and More! is offering a 10% discount on all orders placed in the next 7 days. If you order in the next 3 days we’ll throw in FREE SHIPPING & INSURANCE. If you spend over $2000 we’ll give you a 15% discount for being a big spender. Hey, this is better than those cash back credit cards that some people use. If you spend over $10,000 we’ll send you two tickets for any Cleveland Indians regular season game.

If you spend $25,000 or more we’ll send you on an all expense paid weekend trip to Scranton, Pennsylvania which is better known as the hometown for the hit television show, “The Office”

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To give you a taste of some of the fantastic items that we’ve added to the Albersheim collection check out the items to the right!

We’ll keep this newsletter short, but we’ve picked up some fantastic team signed baseballs, some very rare football autographs, and some killer Boxing items!

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