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We just updated our website with over 30 pages worth of new finds, so make sure to scour our site as we’ve made some brilliant additions. We’ll go over some of these treasures that you can add to your collection. Plus new additions in almost every other sport imaginable including: Al Davis signed photo, 1970 Green Bay Packers team signed football, Thurman Munson signed baseball program, Bart Giamatti signed check, and Rocky Marciano signed document.

I’m often asked to name the Top 10 Toughest autographs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. So after scratching my head all weekend, I think I’ve come up with a pretty good list. In fact, I couldn’t stop at 10, so I expanded the list to the top 15. The following list is in order from toughest to easiest (by no means is the number 10 guy an easy autograph). If you have your top 10 toughest autograph lists feel free to send them our way, we’d love to share them with our readers.


1. Hugh Shorty Ray
2. Charles W. Bidwill Sr.
3. Tim Mara
4. Bill Hewitt
5. Walt Kiesling
6. Joe Carr
7. Fritz Pollard
8. Len Ford
9. Dan Reeves
10. George Preston Marshall
11. Curley Lambeau
12. Fats Henry
13. Guy Chamberlin
14. Turk Edwards
15. Henry Jordan

If you check our website we’ve added some great autographed items in so many different areas of sports.

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Items for Sale Include:

Baseball Autograph Items
In Baseball we’ve got pieces from Alex Pompez, Sid Mercer, Billy Southworth, Hilton Smith, George Wright, Bart Giamatti, Arlie Latham, Thurman Munson, Don Wilson.

Single Signed Baseballs
Thurman Munson, George Uhle, Bill Wambsganns, Joe Wood, Mickey Cochrane gorgeous George Sosnak baseball

Team Signed Balls
1956 Pirates with Clemente, Negro League Reunion with Willard Brown, 1948 Braves

Football Autographs
Other great football pieces we have include a contract signed by Tony Moraboto (D. 1957) owner and founder of the San Francisco 49′ers, Joe Don Looney, Woody Hayes, Al Davis, Hunk Anderson, Robert Zuppke, Kenny Washington, Pop Warner, Amos Alonzo Stagg, and a plethora of very rarely seen autographs.