Next Auction: Dec. 1-10 – RMY Auctions Seeking Original Photo Consignments

RMY Auctions Offers Over 1,100 Rare and Iconic Sports Photos – Ends Oct. 5thDo you have a high quality photo that you would like to get the absolute maximum price possible? If so, please call RMY Auctions at (614) 551-9761 or visit our web site here.  The goal at RMY Auctions is to provide a venue for collectors of Antique Photography to buy items with the peace of mind that the leading expert in the Country has personally examined the items for sale, and stands behind each and every item with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE of Authenticity!

We are the first Auction House in the Country to personally Guarantee the Authenticity of our items and the consignments we sell. We are also the first company to GRADE and EVALUATE the images we sell for convenience and peace of mind in purchasing via an internet based venue.

We strive to provide an Auction that has a high quality original photograph for everyone. We love to hear from fellow collectors who share our Passion and might have insight into the items we have from a historical perspective that we can pass onto the new owner. In a time where everybody is trying to start their own auction site and have a little bit of everything, we want to do ONE THING and do it better than anyone else in the world; and we are COMPLETELY DEDICATED TO BRINGING YOU THE BEST HISTORIC & VINTAGE PHOTOGRAPHY around! Period.


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