Auction Ending: Huggins & Scott, PWCC Auctions, and More

Don’t miss out on a great selection of auctions that ending soon (Ending dates listed).  (*) Indicates Auction in Progress.  Auctions include: *  Huggins & Scott Auctions (Oct. 11), *  PWCC Auctions (Oct. 8-14).  View the complete current auction schedule for all companies featured on Auction Report:

CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Steiner Sports Auctions (Internet)DailyDailyOn-Going (Ebay Auctions)WeeklyWeeklyOn-Going
Just Collect (Ebay Auctions)WeeklyWeeklyOn-Going
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Huggins & Scott AuctionsOct. 1Oct. 11Past
PWCC Auctions #8Oct. 1Oct. 8-14Past
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Oct. 7Oct. 14On-Going
SCP Auctions – (Monthly)Oct. 3Oct. 17Past
Sirius Sports CardsOct. 6Oct. 18Past
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Oct. 14Oct. 21On-Going
Mile High Card Co.Oct. 8Oct. 23/24Past
Small TraditionsSept. 27Oct. 25On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsOct. 11Oct. 25On-Going
Heritage AuctionsOct. 6Oct. 25-26Past
Love of the Game AuctionsOct. 6Oct. 27Past
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Oct. 21Oct. 28On-Going
Schulte AuctionsOct. 1Oct. 31On-Going
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Goldin AuctionsOct. 10Nov. 1Past
Sirius Sports CardsOct. 20Nov. 1On-Going
MEARS AuctionsOct. 27Nov. 3Oct. 20
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Oct. 28Nov. 4On-Going
PWCC Auctions #9Oct. 29Nov. 5-11Oct. 14
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Nov. 4Nov. 11On-Going
Goodwin & CompanyNov. 1Nov. 15Sept. 24
Sirius Sports CardsNov. 3Nov. 15On-Going
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Nov. 11Nov. 18On-Going
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Nov. 18Nov. 25On-Going
MEARS AuctionsNov. 18Nov. 26Nov. 8
Legendary AuctionsNov. 19Nov. 28/29Oct. 15
Collect AuctionsNov. 12Nov. 29Oct. 1
Huggins & Scott AuctionsNov. 19Nov. 29Oct. 22
Sirius Sports CardsNov. 17Nov. 29On-Going
Small TraditionsOct. 25Nov. 29On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsNov. 15Nov. 29On-Going
Schulte AuctionsNov. 1Nov. 30On-Going
Julien’s AuctonsNov. 19Nov. 30On-Going
LelandsNov. 2Nov. 30Sept. 26
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
SCP AuctionNov. 14Dec. 1Oct. 5
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Nov. 25Dec. 2On-Going
PWCC Auctions #10Nov. 26Dec. 3-9Nov. 12
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 2Dec. 9On-Going
Schulte AuctionsDec. 1Dec. 13On-Going
Memory Lane Inc.Nov 30.Dec. 15Oct. 12
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 9Dec. 16On-Going
Huggins & Scott AuctionsDec. 3Dec. 17Oct. 27
Profiles in HistoryNov 15Dec. 15Oct. 12
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 16Dec. 23On-Going
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 23Dec. 9On-Going
Schulte AuctionsDec. 15Dec. 27On-Going
MEARS AuctionsDec. 22Dec. 30Dec. 12
Small TraditionsNov. 29Dec. 27On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsDec. 13Dec. 27On-Going
Schulte AuctionsDec. 1Dec. 31On-Going