Auction Ending October 4th – Goodwin and Company and Sirius Sports Cards

Don’t miss out on a great selection of auctions that are in progress and ending on October 4th (Ending dates listed).  (*) Indicates Auction in Progress.  Auctions include: * Goodwin & Company (Oct. 4), * Sirius Sports Cards  (Oct. 4), * Paragon Auctions (Oct. 6), *  Huggins & Scott Auctions (Oct. 11), *  PWCC Auctions (Oct. 8-14), SCP Auctions (Oct. 17), Sirius Sports Cards  (Oct. 18), Mile High Card Co (Oct. 24), * Small Traditions (Oct. 25),  Sterling Sports Auctions (Oct. 25),  Heritage Auctions (Oct. 25/26), Love of the Game (Oct. 27), (Ebay Auctions), * Just Collect (Ebay Auctions) and Steiner Sports Auctions (Daily) .

Goodwin & Company is proud to offer one of the legendary cards in the hobby, the Imperial Tobacco card of George Vezina graded 9 mint. This hockey card compares to its baseball tobacco counterpart, the T206 Honus Wagner, and is the only mint copy graded.  114 items offered for sale!  Bidding is in progress and concludes October 4, 2012.  Register or bid at



Sirius Sports Cards Auction #65 is in progress. There are 648 lots for auction that will end on Thursday October 4, 2012 at 11 PM EST using the 15 minute rule. This auction features many high grade and low pop cards for collectors to complete their sets from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.   To view the auction and to place your bids go to