Auction Report Exclusive Industry Information: Huggins & Scott Auctions and Mile High Card Company

This week, Auction Report has the exclusive inside information from two companies featured on Auction Report.  First, Huggins & Scott Auction revealed two important bits of information, they will no longer have their sliding buyer’s premium scale, but instead will go back to a single buyer’s premium fee of 17.5%  on all auction sales starting with there March Auction.  Secondly, Huggins & Scott Auctions is “Going Green,”  as they will be allowing those registered bidders who currently receive the auction catalog, that no longer wish to receive the printing catalog, will get a $10 credit off there next auction invoice (More information Next week).   Lastly, Mile High Card Company has also announced that for 2010 they will also be “Going Green” by printing there auction catalogs from recycled paper.  Stay tuned for more information on these topics on Auction Report!