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Auction Results: Ultra Rare 1966 Topps Punch Out Tops Huggins & Scott Auctions

One of only four graded 1966 Topps Punch-Out cards generated some knockout bidding in Huggins & Scott’s latest catalog auction. Featuring Willie Mays and Tony Conigliaro, the SGC 84-graded rarity brought 31 bids and a final realized price of $29,375. One of the most rare items Topps is known to have produced, the test issue never made it to market and the surviving examples are treasured. Advanced Topps researcher David Hornish said of the ’66 Punch Out cards, “If you can even find one of these very elusive cards consider yourself blessed. If you can afford it, you are more blessed still.” Huggins and Scott had several other unusual pieces in the auction, including what is likely the last autographed baseball Thurman Munson ever signed. Read full story at Sports Collectors Daily here.

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