Auction Update: 2018 Auction Schedule, In Progress, Ending and More

2018 Schedule- Auction Start and End Dates are Subject to Change

Please note we are adding more auctions for 2018 as they become available

CompanyStartEndsConsignment Deadline
Fanatics Auctions – DailyOpenDailyNone
Greg Morris Cards – DailyOpenDailyOn-Going
NHL Auctions – DailyOpenDailyNone
Pristine Auction – 10 Minute AuctionsOpenEvery 10 – MinutesOn-Going
Pristine Auction DailyOpenDailyOn-Going
Pristine “Coin” – Every MondayOpenTuesdayOn-Going
Pristine “Weekly” – Every TuesdayOpenTuesdayOn-Going
Pristine “Classic” – Every WednesdayOpenWednesdayOn-Going
NBA Auctions – Every ThursdayOpenThursdayNone
Pristine “Art” – Every ThursdayOpenThursdayOn-Going
Heritage Comics – Every SundaySundaySundayOn-Going
Heritage Entertainment – SundaySundaySundayOn-Going
Heritage Historical – Every SundaySundaySundayOn-Going
Heritage Sports – Every SundaySundaySundayOn-Going
Steiner Auctions – Every SundaySundaySundayOn-Going
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline
NBA AuctionsJune 23July 5Past
Sirius Sports CardsJune 23July 5Past
Sterling Sports AuctionsJune 21July 5Past
NHL AuctionsJune 22July 5-14Past
MEARS AuctionsJune 29July 7Past – MonthlyJune 24July 8Past
PWCC AuctionsJune 28July 8-12Past
Kevin Savage AuctionsJuly 2July 9Past
MeiGray AuctionsJune 14July 10Past
Hake’sJune 19July 10-12Past
Auction of ChampionsJune 27July 11Past
RR Auction – Autographs Revolutionary WarJune 22July 11Past
Kevin Savage AuctionsJuly 4July 11-12Past
MeiGray AuctionsJune 14July 12Past
NBA AuctionsJuly 6July 12Past
PWCC AuctionsJune 28July 15-19Past
Mile High Card Co- Internet OnlyJuly 9July 18Past
Kevin Savage AuctionsJuly 11July 18-19Past
NBA AuctionsJuly 7July 19Past
RR AuctionJuly 12July 19Past
Sirius Sports Cards July 7July 19Past
Heritage Sports – Sports CardsJune 22July 19-20Past
PWCC AuctionsJune 28July 22-24Past
Kevin Savage AuctionsJuly 16July 23Past
Auction of ChampionsJuly 11July 25Past
Kevin Savage AuctionsJuly 16July 25-26Past
NBA AuctionsJuly 8July 26Past
Yesteryear AuctionsJuly 6July 28Past
Pristine AuctionJuly 1July 29Past
PWCC AuctionsJune 28July 29-31Past
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline
Sirius Sports CardsJuly 21Aug. 2Past
Iconic AuctionsJuly 24Aug. 4Past
MEARS AuctionsJuly 27Aug. 4July 20
Steiner AuctionsJuly 2Aug. 4Past
PWCC AuctionsJuly 28Aug. 5-9Past
RR Auction – Autographs WWIIJuly 20Aug. 8Past
Sterling Sports AuctionsJuly 26Aug. 8July 19
Collect AuctionsJuly 23Aug. 9Past
Huggins & Scott AuctionsJuly 27Aug. 9Past
PWCC AuctionsJuly 28Aug. 12-16Past
Bagger’s AuctionsAug. 10Aug. 16Aug. 3
RR AuctionAug. 9Aug. 16Past
Lelands.comJuly 20Aug. 17Past
Heritage-HistoricalJuly 30Aug. 18Past
Heritage-HistoricalJuly 30Aug. 18Past
Memory Lane Inc.Aug. 2Aug. 18Past
Heritage Sports Platinum NightJuly 20Aug. 18-19Past
University ArchivesAug. 1Aug. 22Past
Heritage HistoricalAug. 6Aug. 25-26Past
Iconic AuctionsAug. 15Aug. 25Aug. 2
Pristine AuctionAug. 1Aug. 26July 15
PWCCAug. 23Aug. 26-30Aug. 10
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline
MEARS AuctionsAug. 24Sept. 1Aug. 17
Small TraditionsAug. 19Sept. 1Aug. 17
PWCC AuctionsAug. 23Sept. 2-6Aug. 10
PWCC AuctionsAug. 23Sept. 9-13Aug. 10
RR Auction – Autographs RoyaltyAug. 24Sept. 12July 23
Heritage-HistoricalMay 21Sept. 13Past
Heritage-HistoricalAug. 27Sept. 15July 25
PWCC AuctionsAug. 23Sept. 16-20Aug. 10
Mile High Card CompanySept. 3Sept. 20Aug. 5
RR AuctionSept. 13Sept. 20Past
Iconic AuctionsSept. 12Sept. 22Aug. 30
Mile High Card Co- Internet OnlySept. 17Sept. 26Sept. 1
Sterling Sports AuctionsSept. 13Sept. 27Sept. 6
Pristine AuctionSept. 1Sept. 30Aug. 15
PWCC AuctionsSept. 27Sept. 30 – Oct. 4Sept. 10
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline
MEARS AuctionsSept. 29Oct. 6Sept. 22
PWCC AuctionsSept. 27Oct. 7-11Sept. 10
RR Auction – Autographs HorrorSept. 21Oct. 10Aug. 17
PWCC AuctionsSept. 27Oct. 14-18Sept. 10
RR Auction – SpaceOct. 11Oct. 18July 27
Heritage Sports – MemorabiliaSept. 21Oct. 18-19Aug. 27
Heritage-HistoricalOct. 1Oct. 20Aug. 29
Iconic AuctionsOct. 10Oct. 20Sept. 27
Pristine AuctionOct. 1Oct. 28Sept. 15
PWCC AuctionsOct. 25Oct. 28 – Nov. 1Oct. 10
Classic AuctionsOct. 2Oct. 30Aug. 31
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline
Heritage-HistoricalOct. 3Nov. 3Past
MEARS AuctionsOct. 27Nov. 3Oct. 20
Small TraditionsOct. 21Nov. 3Oct. 19
PWCC AuctionsOct. 25Nov. 4-8Oct. 10
RR Auction – JFK Autographs & ArtifactsOct. 19Nov. 7Sept. 21
Huggins & Scott AuctionsOct. 26Nov. 8Sept. 28
Sterling Sports AuctionsOct. 25Nov. 8Oct. 18
Steiner AuctionsOct. 8Nov. 10Sept. 15
PWCC AuctionsOct. 25Nov. 11-15Oct. 10
Heritage-HistoricalOct 15Nov. 12Spet. 17
Heritage-HistoricalOct. 30Nov. 12Oct. 18
Heritage-EntertainmentOct. 15Nov. 15Sept. 12
RR Auction – Modern MusicNov. 8Nov. 15Aug. 31
Heritage Sports – Sports CardsOct. 24Nov. 15-16Sept. 24
Heritage – ComicsOct. 26Nov. 15-17Oct. 2
Iconic AuctionsNov. 7Nov. 17Oct. 25
Heritage-EntertainmentOct. 26Nov. 17-18Sept. 25
PWCC AuctionsOct. 25Nov. 18-20Oct. 10
Pristine AuctionNov. 1Nov. 25Aug. 15
PWCC AuctionsNov. 22Nov. 25-29Nov. 10
Collect AuctionsNov. 12Nov. 29Oct. 5
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline
Heritage-HistoricalNov. 12Dec. 1Oct. 10
MEARS AuctionsNov. 23Dec. 1Nov. 16
PWCC AuctionsNov. 22Dec. 2-6Nov. 10
RR Auction – Science & TechnologyNov. 16Dec. 5Oct. 19
Mile High Card CompanyNov. 19Dec. 6Oct. 24
Iconic AuctionsNov. 28Dec. 8Nov. 7
Small TraditionsNov. 25Dec. 8Nov. 23
Heritage-HistoricalNov. 20Dec. 9Oct. 18
PWCC AuctionsNov. 22Dec. 9-13Nov. 10
RR Auction – SportsDec. 6Dec. 13Sept. 28
PWCC AuctionsNov. 22Dec. 16-20Nov. 10
Sterling Sports AuctionsDec. 15Dec. 29Dec. 8
Pristine AuctionDec. 1Dec. 30Nov. 15
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline
MEARS AuctionsDec. 23Jan. 5Dec. 16
Memory Lane Inc.Dec. 22Jan. 12Oct. 29
CompanyStartsEndsConsignment Deadline

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