2021 Auction Schedule

2021 Schedule- Auction Start and End Dates are Subject to Change

Please note we are adding more auctions for 2021 as they become available

CompanyStartEndConsign Deadline
Evans Archive – Every SundayOpenThursdayOn-Going
Heritage Sports – Every SundayOpenSundayOn-Going
Pristine “Cards” – Every SundayOpenMondayOn-Going
Pristine “Coin” – Every MondayOpenMondayOn-Going
Pristine “Weekly” – Every TuesdayOpenTuesdayOn-Going
Auction of Champions – Every WednesdayOpenWednesdayOn-Going
Pristine “Classic” – Every WednesdayOpenWednesdayOn-Going
NBA Auctions – Every ThursdayOpenThursdayPast
Pristine “Art” – Every ThursdayOpenThursdayOn-Going
Pristine Auction – 10 Minute AuctionsOpenEvery 10 – MinutesOn-Going
Pristine Auction DailyOpenDailyOn-Going
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
REAOpenApril 18Past
Kevin Savage CardsOpenApril 19Past
JG AutographsApril 14April 20On-Going
Clean Sweep AuctionsOpenApril 21-22Past
Kevin Savage CardsApril 6April 21-22Past
MeiGray AuctionsOpenApril 22Past
NBA AuctionsOpenApril 22Past
RR AuctionApril 15April 22Past
Sirius Sports AuctionsApril 12April 22Past
Gotta Have Rock & RollApril 14April 23Past
Bagger’s AuctionsApril 14April 24Past
Goldin AuctionsApril 8April 24Past
77 AuctionsApril 18April 25Past
Pristine AuctionOpenApril 25Past
Auction of ChampionsApril 13April 26Past
Kevin Savage CardsApril 12April 26Past
JG AutographsApril 21April 27On-Going
Kevin Savage CardsApril 14April 28-29Past
Iconic AuctionsApril 22April 29Past
NBA AuctionsOpenApril 29Past
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
Detroit City Sports AuctionsApril 21May 1Past
MEARS AuctionsApril 23May 1April 16
Goldin AuctionsApril 11May 1-2Past
Kevin Savage CardsApril 19May 3Past
JG AutographsApril 28May 4On-Going
Kevin Savage CardsApril 21May 5-6Past
Rockhurst AuctionsApril 26May 6Past
Sirius Sports AuctionsApril 26May 6On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsApril 22May 6April 15
VSA AuctionsApril 19May 6Past
Heritage AuctionsApril 12May 6-8Past
The Collector ConnectionApril 21May 9April 7
Auction of ChampionsApril 28May 10On-Going
JG AutographsMay 5May 11On-Going
RR AuctionApril 23May 12Past
Kevin Savage CardsApril 26May 12-13Past
Kevin Savage CardsApril 30May 17Past
JG AutographsMay 12May 18On-Going
Kevin Savage CardsMay 3May 19-20Past
Heritage AuctionsMay 6May 20April 19
RR AuctionMay 13May 20Past
Sirius Sports AuctionsMay 10May 20On-Going
REA – EncoreMay 13May 23May 1
Auction of ChampionsMay 12May 24On-Going
Kevin Savage CardsMay 7May 24Past
JG AutographsMay 19May 25On-Going
Kevin Savage CardsMay 11May 26-27Past
LelandsMay 9May 28April 8
Iconic AuctionsMay 22May 29April 30
Pristine AuctionMay 1May 30April 15
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
JG AutographsMay 26June 1On-Going
Sirius Sports AuctionsMay 24June 3On-Going
MEARS AuctionsMay 28June 5May 20
The Collector ConnectionMay 19June 6May 5
Auction of ChampionsMay 26June 7On-Going
Hindman AuctionsMay 17June 8April 13
JG AutographsJune 2June 8On-Going
JG AutographsJune 9June 15On-Going
RR AuctionMay 21June 16April 28
Heritage AuctionsJune 3June 17May 17
Sirius Sports AuctionsJune 7June 17On-Going
REA – EncoreJune 10June 20June 1
Auction of ChampionsJune 9June 21On-Going
JG AutographsJune 16June 22On-Going
RR AuctionJune 17June 24April 17
Sterling Sports AuctionsJune 10June 24June 3
Iconic AuctionsJune 19June 26May 28
Memory Lane IncMay 29June 26Past
SCP AuctionsJune 9June 26May 14
Pristine Auction – EliteJune 1June 27May 15
JG AutographsJune 23June 29On-Going
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
Sirius Sports AuctionsJune 21July 1On-Going
MEARS AuctionsJune 25July 3June 18
Auction of ChampionsJune 23July 5On-Going
JG AutographsJune 30July 6On-Going
JG AutographsJuly 7July 13On-Going
RR AuctionJune 25July 14May 26
Heritage AuctionsJuly 1June 15June 14
Sirius Sports AuctionsJuly 5July 15On-Going
77 AuctionsJuly 11July 18June 30
Auction of ChampionsJuly 7July 19On-Going
JG AutographsJuly 14July 20On-Going
RR AuctionJuly 15July 22May 5
Heritage AuctionsJuly 1July 22-23June 1
Pristine Auction – EliteJuly 1July 25June 15
JG AutographsJuly 21July 27On-Going
Huggins & Scott AuctionsJuly 16July 29May 28
Sirius Sports AuctionsJuly 19July 29On-Going
Iconic AuctionsJuly 24July 31June 11
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
The Collector ConnectionJuly 14Aug. 1June 1
Auction of ChampionsJuly 21Aug. 2On-Going
JG AutographsJuly 28Aug. 3On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsJuly 22Aug. 5July 15
MEARS AuctionsJuly 30Aug. 7July 20
JG AutographsAug. 4Aug. 10On-Going
RR AuctionJuly 23Aug. 11June 30
Sirius Sports AuctionsAug. 2Aug. 12On-Going
REAJuly 23Aug. 15June 4
Auction of ChampionsAug. 4Aug. 16On-Going
JG AutographsAug. 11Aug. 17On-Going
Heritage AuctionsAug. 5Aug. 19July 5
RR AuctionAug. 12Aug. 19June 9
Heritage AuctionsJuly 30Aug. 21-22June 30
JG AutographsAug. 18Aug. 24On-Going
Rockhurst AuctionsAug. 16Aug. 26July 29
Sirius Sports AuctionsAug. 16Aug. 26On-Going
Iconic AuctionsAug. 21Aug. 28July 30
Pristine Auction – EliteAug. 1Aug. 29July 15
Auction of ChampionsAug. 18Aug. 30On-Going
JG AutographsAug. 25Aug. 31On-Going
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
VSA AuctionsAug. 16Sept. 2July 16
MEARS AuctionsAug. 27Sept. 4Aug. 17
JG AutographsSept. 1Sept. 7On-Going
Sirius Sports AuctionsAug. 30Sept. 9On-Going
Memory Lane IncAug. 28Sept. 11July 27
Auction of ChampionsSept. 1Sept. 13On-Going
JG AutographsSept. 8Sept. 14On-Going
RR AuctionAug. 20Sept. 14July 28
Heritage AuctionsSept. 2Sept. 16Aug. 16
REA – EncoreSept. 9Sept. 19Sept. 1
JG AutographsSept. 15Sept. 21On-Going
Sirius Sports AuctionsSept. 13Sept. 23On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsSept. 9Sept. 23Sept. 2
RR AuctionSept. 15Sept. 25July 7
Pristine Auction – EliteSept. 1Sept. 26Aug. 15
Auction of ChampionsSept. 15Sept. 27On-Going
JG AutographsSept. 22Sept. 28On-Going
Iconic AuctionsSept. 23Sept. 30Aug. 27
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
MEARS AuctionsAug. 24Oct. 2Aug. 14
The Collector ConnectionSept. 15Oct. 3Aug. 1
JG AutographsSept. 29Oct. 5On-Going
Sirius Sports AuctionsSept. 27Oct. 7On-Going
Auction of ChampionsSept. 29Oct. 11On-Going
JG AutographsOct. 6Oct. 12On-Going
RR AuctionSept. 26Oct. 13Aug. 25
JG AutographsOct. 13Oct. 19On-Going
Heritage AuctionsOct. 7Oct. 21Sept. 20
RR AuctionOct. 14Oct. 21Aug. 4
Sirius Sports AuctionsOct. 11Oct. 21On-Going
REA – EncoreOct. 14Oct. 24Oct. 1
Auction of ChampionsOct. 13Oct. 25On-Going
JG AutographsOct. 20Oct. 26On-Going
Iconic AuctionsOct. 23Oct. 30Oct. 1
Pristine Auction – EliteOct. 1Oct. 31Sept. 15
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
JG AutographsOct. 27Nov. 2On-Going
Sirius Sports AuctionsOct. 25Nov. 4On-Going
MEARS AuctionsOct. 29Nov. 6Oct. 19
The Collector ConnectionOct. 20Nov. 7Oct. 1
Auction of ChampionsOct. 27Nov. 8On-Going
JG AutographsNov. 3Nov. 9On-Going
RR AuctionOct. 22Nov. 10Sept. 29
Sterling Sports AuctionsOct. 28Nov. 11Oct. 21
JG AutographsNov. 10Nov. 16On-Going
Heritage AuctionsNov. 4Nov. 18Oct. 18
Rockhurst AuctionsNov. 8Nov. 18Oct. 21
RR AuctionNov. 11Nov. 18Sept. 8
Sirius Sports AuctionsNov. 8Nov. 18On-Going
Auction of ChampionsNov. 10Nov. 22On-Going
JG AutographsNov. 17Nov. 23On-Going
Love of the Game AuctionsNov. 10Nov. 27Sept. 30
The Collector ConnectionNov. 10Nov. 28Nov. 1
Pristine Auction – EliteNov. 1Nov. 28Oct. 15
JG AutographsNov. 24Nov. 30On-Going
Company – 2021 StartEndConsign Deadline
Sirius Sports AuctionsNov. 22Dec. 2On-Going
Iconic AuctionsNov. 26Dec. 3Oct. 29
MEARS AuctionsNov. 24Dec. 4Nov. 14
REANov. 19Dec. 5Oct. 1
Auction of ChampionsNov. 24Dec. 6On-Going
JG AutographsDec. 1Dec. 7On-Going
RR AuctionNov. 19Dec. 8Oct. 27
Heritage AuctionsNov. 18Dec. 9-11Oct. 18
The Collector ConnectionDec. 1Dec. 12Nov. 1
JG AutographsDec. 8Dec. 14On-Going
Heritage AuctionsDec. 2Dec. 16Nov. 15
RR AuctionDec. 9Dec. 16Oct. 6
Sirius Sports AuctionsDec. 6Dec. 16On-Going
Auction of ChampionsDec. 8Dec. 20On-Going
JG AutographsDec. 15Dec. 21On-Going
Pristine Auction – EliteDec. 1Dec. 26Nov. 15
JG AutographsDec. 22Dec. 28On-Going
Iconic AuctionsDec. 23Dec. 30Nov. 26
Sirius Sports AuctionsDec. 20Dec. 30On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsDec. 16Dec. 30Dec. 9
VSA AuctionsDec. 13Dec. 30Nov. 12
Company – 2022 StartEndConsign Deadline
MEARS AuctionsDec. 23Jan. 2Dec. 3
Auction of ChampionsDec. 22Jan. 3On-Going
JG AutographsDec. 29Jan. 4On-Going

Featured Auctions

(*) Indicates Auction in Progress
(*) REA: April 2 - April 18
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 2 - April 19
(*) JG Autographs: April 14 - April 20
(*) Steve Novella: April 14 - April 20
(*) Clean Sweep Auctions: March 19-April 21-22
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 6 - April 21-22
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 1 - April 22
(*) NBA Auctions: April 1 - April 22
(*) RR Auction: April 15 - April 22
(*) Sirius Sports Cards: April 12 - April 22
(*) Gott Have Rock & Roll: April 14 - April 23
(*) Bagger's Auctions: April 14 - April 24
(*) Goldin Auctions: April 8 - April 24
(*) Pristine Auction: April 1 - April 25
(*) Auction of Champions: April 14 - April 26
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 12 - April 26
JG Autographs: April 21 - April 27
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 14 - April 28-29
Iconic Auctions: April 22 - April 29
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 9 - April 29
(*) NBA Auctions: April 8 - April 29
Detroit City Sports Auction: April 21 - May 1
MEARS Auctions: April 23 - May 1
Kevin Savage Cards: April 19 - May 3
JG Autographs: April 28 - May 4
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 15 - May 6
(*) NBA Auctions: April 15 - May 6
Rockhurst Auctions: April 26 - May 6
Sirius Sports Cards: April 26 - May 6
Sterling Sports: April 22 - May 6
VSA Auctions: April 19 - May 6
(*) Heritage Auctions: April 12 - May 6-8
The Collector Connection: April 21 - May 9
Auction of Champions: April 28 - May 10
JG Autographs: May 5- May 11
RR Auction: April 23 - May 12
Kevin Savage Cards: April 26 - May 12-13
NBA Auctions: April 22 - May 13
Pristine Auction: May 1 - May 30
2021 Full Auction Schedule