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Baggers Auctions April Auction Posts Big Success

Thanks to all who participated and helped make Baggers Auctions second auction a big success. Our sales for the auction were up over 80% from the first auction with 100 additional customers participating in the bidding. We had 80 different people win at least one lot which was a big increase over the first auction as well. The software also appeared to run a lot smoother all night with all the lots closing at their posted time.

The staggered end times worked pretty well with us all getting to bed before midnight. It also allowed everyone the opportunity to bid on each of the 245 lots during their last minute. It was a little confusing determining which lots were ending at what time from category to category. Our next auction will have more of a sequential ending of the lots and we will add Time Remaining for each lot listed on the Category Searches and My Baggers pages. We also had very few if any snipe bids (maybe a handful at most) for those who were convinced the format would attract those bids.

Invoices for the winning bidders will be done today through Paypal again like last auction and are due within 14 days of receipt. Credit Cards are accepted through Paypal but you are not required to pay with Paypal. Any payments made via check or money order will be given Free Shipping and Insurance. You can simply print out the Paypal invoice and subtract the shipping and insurance charges for the net amount to mail in with your payment.

Feel free to offer any suggestions for changes before our summer auction. With our customized auction software, we have flexibility to continue to improve the product. Thanks again to everyone for your help in making the auction successful.

Dave Schrader – Bagger’s Auctions

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