Baseball Bat Info, Photos Added To Free, Online PSA CollectibleFacts

Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) now has added extensive information about professional model baseball bats to PSA CollectibleFacts™ (, its acclaimed, free online resource.  The new section, PSA ProBatFacts™ (, is part of an ongoing expansion to create the Internet’s most comprehensive site for information and illustrations about sports and many non-sports collectibles. All of it is available free to the public.

“PSA ProBatFacts focuses on the weapons used by many of the most dangerous hitters in baseball history, their bats. We’re launching this new section of PSA CollectibleFacts with over 100 web pages on individual players and their bats, including hundreds of photographs. We’ll be expanding and adding many more current and former players, which also includes Hall of Fame members, in the coming weeks,” explained Joe Orlando, PSA President and Editor of Sports Market Report (SMR).

“Professional model bats are among the most desirable items in the entire sports memorabilia hobby. They are tangible pieces of sports history, used by the players to create that history.”

Each page of PSA ProBatFacts contains photographs and information about the types of bats used by each hitter, as well as specific player characteristics collectors should look for, such as heavy pine tar patterns on game-used George Brett and Willie Mays bats, or unique taping methods applied by Duke Snider and Ken Griffey, Jr. There is also biographical information about the players who used the bats, SMR Price Guide values, noteworthy auction prices realized and links to other informative articles.

The PSA ProBatFacts home page has informative articles and a link to an online video that clearly and concisely provides tips on collecting game-used bats and the kinds of player characteristics that may be found on professional model bats.

“We carefully selected the images of bats you’ll see on PSA ProBatFacts. When possible, it is important to showcase quality illustrations of the specific player characteristics that are mentioned on each player’s page. Many of the bats pictured are among the finest examples known,” said Orlando.

The free, reference web site was launched in June with its first major component, PSACardFacts™, devoted to all types of trading cards.

“This is a long-term project to create the ultimate online encyclopedia for sports, historical and entertainment collectibles; a comprehensive resource for information. The PSA CollectibleFacts site will be continually evolving and growing with information and, eventually, tens of thousands of crystal-clear images,” Orlando announced at the time of the launch.

Another major section, PSA AutographFacts™, is scheduled go online this fall with extensive information and illustrations for autograph collectors.

Since its founding in 1991, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) experts have examined and certified over 19 million different sports, entertainment and historical collectibles with a combined total value of over $1 billion.

For additional information, contact PSA/DNA Authentication Services at (800) 325-1121. Online:


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