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BBCE Auctions Accepting Consignments at The Burbank Show Feb18-20, 2024

BBCE Auctions is now accepting consignments for our upcoming March 20 – April 7, 2024 Auction!  Consignment Deadline is March 10, 2024! BBCE Auctions IS Accepting Consignments @ The Burbank Show Feb 18-20, 2024.  Also, Buying and selling unopened products, cards, and memorabilia! If you have items you’re looking to sell or consign, please reach out to Phil at or call him at 219-741-5099.

Our expert team will be available to meet and preview collections for potential consignment or outright purchase throughout this period.

  • Los Angeles, CA: February 14th-18th (We will be set up at the Burbank Show. In-home stops can also be arranged by appointment.)

BBCE’s most wanted items include:
*Vintage cards and sets from 1980 or earlier
*Vintage graded cards
*Modern-graded cards
*Unopened product & sealed factory sets (both modern and vintage)
*Autographed Memorabilia (certification not mandatory) and in-person signed collections
*Presidential Memorabilia
*Unopened Non-Sports cards

BBCE is actively seeking to purchase items outright or accepting consignments! We offer cash for any items we buy outright! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in or around any of the mentioned locations. To discuss selling or consigning your collection, please get in touch with Phil Endris at 219-741-5099 or email

Why BBCE Auctions? Lower authentication fees for your consigned raw unopened products, competitive consignment rates, and lower buyer fees will set apart our auctions. We want to earn your business! 

BBCE Auctions is accepting consignments. where we’ll have our first auction date announced soon and let you know the consignment deadline date for inclusion in the inaugural auction.

If you are interested in consigning an item and would like to speak with us further, don’t hesitate to contact us using the information listed below.


Phone: 1-800-598-8656

Discover the value hidden in your collection with BBCE Auctions! Our Winter/Spring Auction is quickly approaching, and we’re excited to welcome your consignments. Whether you possess wax boxes, graded packs, complete sets, signed memorabilia, or graded cards, we’re your ultimate destination to connect with enthusiastic buyers.

Why opt for BBCE Auctions? Our team of experts is passionate about your items and will ensure they receive the attention they deserve. With an extensive network of avid collectors and bidders, we guarantee maximum exposure for your consignments.

Consignment with BBCE Auctions is a breeze, making it simple to transform your items into cash. Don’t miss the chance to reveal the full potential of your collection.

Ready to consign? Contact us at or call 1-800-598-8656. Your next big sale is just a message or phone call away. Join BBCE Auctions now and experience the excitement of successful consignment!

We look forward to speaking with you soon about how BBCE Auctions can help you realize top dollar for your collectibles!

BBCE Auctions will be integrated with our newly redesigned website that launched in 2022. Buyers can create an auction profile on the existing site and, after approval, watch auction lots they are interested in and place bids on one easy-to-navigate platform. The software will be simple to navigate, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Auctions will last for approximately two weeks and are currently scheduled to end on Sunday evenings. Our inaugural auction will contain rarely offered for sale material you’d expect from the industry leader, including authenticated unopened boxes, graded vintage packs, cases, and high-end graded cards.

Stay tuned for more updates leading up to the first auction.

Why choose to work with BBCE Auctions when it’s time to sell your treasured collectibles or add that elusive piece to your collection? What exactly are we doing to help set us apart from the others?

We guarantee that only one unique item makes it into each BBCE Auction, so your consignment won’t compete against the same item in the same sale. If you consign a box of 80/81 Topps Basketball, your box will be the only box of that product in that auction. The same applies to graded cards. If you consign a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan PSA 9, you will be consigning with the peace of mind of knowing your PSA 9 will be the only one of that card in that grade available in the sale.

BBCE Auctions will discount unopened box and rack pack authentication rates only available to consigners. You’ll still receive the same competitive consignment rate too, which means the same industry-leading unopened authentication at a lower price and more money in your pocket upon the conclusion of the auction. Discounted authentication rates for consigners will be posted on our website in the coming weeks.

We will come to you! Our acquisitions department will go the extra mile to make your consignment process as convenient as possible!

BBCE Auction lot details will be in-depth and provide buyers with the benefit of our substantial expertise in the unopened space with information to make informed purchasing decisions. We will also work with our buyers to ensure fast delivery of their purchases. Local pickup, insured shipping, and the option to pick your items up in person at card conventions throughout the year where BBCE is set up!


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