Bid: 20th Century Baseball Cards Power Up Mile High Card Company’s July 9th Auction

Mile High Card Company is Accepting Consignment in New England June 15th – June 18thOffering the strongest selection of early 20th Century baseball cards in years, Mile High Card Company’s  current auction concludes on July 9th. “Collectors will be blown away by the tobacco and caramel cards featured in this auction, and that’s in addition to the usual material that our bidders are used to seeing. We’re really excited to find out what record-shattering results will come about this time” according to MHCC President and CEO Brian Drent.



This is going to be an extraordinary event! Please visit our website at for the latest updates on this auction. We are actively seeking consignments of quality hobby material, so if you want the maximum possible return for your prized sports cards and memorabilia, call our office at (303) 840-2784 to speak with one of our team of experts. We’re looking forward to making this event a memorable one for all of our loyal bidders and consignors!