Extraordinary Pennant Collection Featured in MEARS Dec. 23 – January 2, 2016 Auction

MEARS Memorial Day Celebration Auction Ends Saturday May 30th As part of our final auction of the year, MEARS Auctions is offering a extradordinary pennant collection. Covering hockey, football, baseball, tourism, historic sites, and pop culture, over 90+ lots will be presented. The auction begins on Wednesday, December 23 and runs to January 2, 2016.  Lots may be viewed and or to register go to www.mearsonlineauctions.com. More than 500+ items including autographs, memorabilia and game used items!

*1992 Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Playoffs 29” Full Size Pennant
Original new old store stock. This pennant originated from the inventory of a Chicago street vendor. Near mint, unused condition.

*1976 (Jan. 7) Ultra Rare Chicago Black Hawks vs. Soviet Wings 29” Full Size Pennant
The Super Series were exhibition games between Soviet teams and NHL teams that took place on each NHL opponents’ home ice in North America from 1976 to 1991. The Soviet teams were usually club teams from the Soviet hockey league. For the 1976 season, the Soviets beat the NHL team 3-1. In Chicago, the Soviets beat the Black Hawks by a score of 4-2. Excellent plus condition with very, very light browning to the upper and lower edges. Ultra rare pennant.

*1971-1972 Tony Esposito Chicago Black Hawks Western Division Champions Stanley Cup 29” Full Size Pennant w/ Team Roster Scroll
The Black Hawks won their second straight Western Division title on their quest to the Stanley Cup. The team lost to the New York Rangers in the semifinals. Very rare 1971-1972 playoff pennant. Colorful design features a team roster scroll on the left side with the following names, “Smith, Martin, Jarrett, Mikita, Maggs, Pappin, Korab, Lacroix, White, Angotti, Esposito, B. Hull, D. Hull, Stapleton, Koroll, Bordeleau, Campbell, Magnuson, Desjardins, Maki, Mesterenko, and coach Reay”. In the center of the pennant is a full color image of Tony Esposito donning full goalie gear including gloves, face mask, leg protectors, skates, and his Black Hawk logoed red home sweater. As a motivation, the Stanley Cup is both featured with printed text. In white black lettering is, “West. Div. Champions, 1971-1972, Chicago
Black Hawks. Pennant is in excellent condition with no cracking to the paint and no visible pin holes.


*1966-1967 Bobby Hull Chicago Black Hawks 1st NHL Champions 29” Full Size Pennant w/ Team Roster Scroll
The Black Hawks finished the 1966-1967 season with a record of 41-17-12, a team record for victories. Led by Stan Makita and Bobby Hull, the team advanced to the playoffs but lost to Toronto Maple Leafs, ending their hopes for a Stanley Cup bid. This very rare pennant features the very desirable team roster scroll design. Depicted on the left margin is a scroll with the names of “Pilote, Jarett, Mikita, Mohns, DeJordy, Vanimpe, Wharram, Ravlich, Angotti, Esposito, B. Hull, D. Hull, Stapleton, Hodge, May, Hall, Maki, Nesterenko, and manager Reay.
Displayed prominently in the center of the pennant is a skating pose of Bobby Hull with stick and gloves, pushing the puck on the ice. He is wearing his red, home #9 Black Hawk logo jersey. Nine red, white and yellow stars decorate the upper area of his image. The prized Stanley Cup trophy is placed to Hull’s right. In white block lettering is “Chicago’s 1st NHL Champions, 1966-1967, Chicago Black Hawks”. Pennant is in excellent condition. There is a light crease running through the image of Hull, which has caused slight cracking to the paint. There is also a small smudge to the upper right portion of the name scroll.

*1950 – 1960s “Flying Hawk” Chicago Black Hawks 29” Full Size Pennant
Rarely seen design of a flying hawk with talons wide open. White hawk and lettering. Near mint condition.

*1942-1955 circa Chicago Black Hawks WW2 Era Design 29” Full Size Pennant
The pennant has a majority of the design characteristics found in the fourth version of the team’s logo. Based on a study of the design, this pennant was issued during the 1942-1955 time frame. In 1942, the Black Hawks moved to an updated logo design. The Native American image has received a color makeover by adding pink skin tone to the logo. A wordmark “BLACK HAWKS” on top and “CHICAGO” on the bottom. This was a big change from the “red skin” coloring of the team’s previous logo design. Other versions from this time frame have red, green, and blue added, which started the transition to the logo that is used today. Pennant remains in near mint condition, with no cracking of the paint. The tassels have been cut.

*1950-70s New York Rangers 29” Full Size Hockey Pennant (3)
Collection of 3 New York Rangers pennants. (2) of the same design, 1950s, different colors; 1970s New York Rangers pennant.

*1979-1980 AHL Hockey Rochester Americans Syracuse Firebirds 29” Pennant Collection (3)
Three rare pennants from the expansion era of the AHL. Lot of 3 in excellent plus condition.

*1978-1982 AHL Hockey New Brunswick Monton, NB 29” Pennant
Very rare pennant. Excellent condition.

*1972-1978 WHA Hockey 29” Pennant collection (12)
Very rare collection of WHA pennants spanning the 1972-1974 era. Collected by an individual that traveled the country and bought one pennant from each venue. Many of these are quite scare and originate from teams that only played a single season in the WHA.
Scarce 1976-1977 Minnesota Fighting Saints, very rare one year style pennant, near mint condition.
Scarce 1973-1974 Jersey Knights, very rare one year style pennant, near mint condition.
1974-1976 San Diego Mariners pennant. Excellent plus condition.
1975-1977 Calgary Cowboys pennant, excellent plus condition
1972-1975 Cleveland Crusaders pennant, excellent plus condition
1974-1978 Indianapolis Racers Pennant, from the Wayne Gretzky era, excellent plus condition.
(2) 1973-1974 New York Golden Blades
(4) 1972-1978 New England Whalers
Rare chance to add a nice assortment of WHA pennants to your collection.

*1950s Detroit Red Wings 29” Hockey Pennant Collection
Two 1950s examples of Detroit Red Wings pennants, both in excellent condition.

*1972-1975 WHA Vancouver / Philadelphia Blazers Pennant Collection (2)
Collection of 2 WHA pennants. Included are:
1972-1973 Rare Only Year Only Philadelphia Blazers pennant in near mint condition.
1973-1975 WHA Vancouver Blazers pennant in near mint condition.
Very rare collection that represents both cities the team played.

*1966-1967 Rare One Year Style WHL California Seals 29” Hockey Pennant
A very rare, one year style of this WHL team, the California Seals. Great graphic of #10 skating, with gloves and ice skates, holding both hands on a stick. The team logo is on the left side, with “CALIFORNIA” wrapping along the bottom of the logo. “SEALS” is found to the left, with another image of a skater. Very, very rare design and pennant. Missing from many advanced collections.

*1972-1974 WHA Alberta Oilers & 1984 Edmonton Oilers 29” Full Size Hockey Pennant Lot (5)
Lots consists of
(3) Very rare 1972-1973 Alberta Oilers Pennants, both in excellent condition. The Alberta Oilers are the only team from the WHA to survive in the NHL.
(1) 1984 Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup Champions Pennant, Excellent condition
(1) 1980s Edmonton Oilers pennant in excellent condition.

*1972-1973 Rare 1-Year Team WHA Quebec Nordiques 29” Hockey Pennant Collection (5)
(3) 1972-1973 Quebec Nordiques WHA pennants. Very rare to find this many at one time, since the team only lasted on season.
(2) 1980s Quebec Nordiques NHL pennants in excellent condition.

*1972-1978 Winnipeg Jets WHA NHL 29” Hockey Pennant Collection (3)
(2) WHA Winnipeg Jets hockey pennants in excellent condition.
(1) NHL Winnipeg Jets hockey pennant in excellent condition.

*1973-1974 NHL East / West Hockey All Star Game 29” Onsite Pennant Lot (2)
This lot consists of both the East and West pennant which complete this all-star game set. The pennant is a Halloween orange with black print design. On the left of each pennant is a circle with a list of the all-stars. The East includes: Norm Ullman, Gilles Gilbert, Jacques Lemaire, Ken Hodge, Yvan Cournoyer, Serge Savard, Denis Potvin, Phil Esposito, Brad Park, David Dryden, Dallas Smith, Richard Martin, Ed Westfall, Bobby Schmautz, Wayne Cashman, Mickey Redmond, Bobby Orr, Frank Mahovlich, Guy Laponte, Gilbert Perreault. The West Division list: Dennis Hull, Bobby Clarke, Dave Burrows, Bernie Parent, Joey Johnston, Jim Pappin, Al McDonough, Lowell MacDonald, Stan Makita, Barclay Plager, Ed Van Impe, Bob Berry, Bill White, Pit Martin, Joe Watson, Don Awery, Tony Esposito, Bill Goldsworthy, Dennis Hextall, Garry Unger. Excellent plus condition.

*1986 NHL 38th All Star Game 29” Hockey Onsite Pennant
Played at the Harford Civic Center, this pennant was sold at the event. Excellent condition.

*1987 39th NHL All Star Game 29” Hockey Onsite Pennant
Game played in St. Louis, Missouri. Official onsite pennant. Excellent condition.

*1982 (Feb 9) NHL All Star Game Capital Centre 29” Onsite Pennant
Game played at the Capital Centre. Official onsite pennant. Excellent condition.

*1984 (January 31) 36th NHL All Star Game 29” Onsite Pennant
Game played at the Byrne Meadowlands Arena, January 31, 1984. Official onsite pennant. Excellent condition.

*1981 (Feb. 10th) NHL All Star Game The Forum, Los Angeles 29” Full Size Hockey Onsite Pennant
Game played at The Forum in LA. Official onsite pennant. Excellent condition.

*1980 NHL All Star Game Detroit, Mich. 29” Full Size Hockey Onsite Pennant (Played at Joe Louis Sports Arena)
Game played at the Joe Louis Sports Arena. Official onsite pennant. Excellent condition.

*1978 National Hockey League All Star Game 39” Onsite Pennant
Game played in Buffalo, NY. Official onsite pennant. Excellent condition.

*1970s Philadelphia Flyers 29” Hockey Pennant Collection (5)
Included in the collection are:
1. Navy background with red writing, Philadelphia Flyers, creased down center (VG)
2. 1987 Stanley Cup Champions, near mint
3. (3) white background with Philadelphia Flyers text and logo, VG with some staining

*1970 Vancouver Canucks NHL 29” Hockey Pennant
Pennant has some soiling and pinholes to the 3 edges. VG

*1950-1970 Montreal Canadiens 29” Hockey Pennant “1 example features Maurice Richard” (5)
Vintage hockey collection featuring pennants from the Montreal Canadiens. Included are:
1. 1950s Blue background with red lettering and design of Maurice Richard in full hockey uniform with stick (EX)
2. 1970 dated white background (EX)
3. 1950-60s white background with red lettering “CH Montreal Canadiens”, VG condition
4. 1950-60s purple background with white lettering “CH Montreal Canadiens”, (EX)
5. 1970 dated with red background (EX)

*1950s Rare The Flying Frenchmen Montreal Canadiens 29” Full Size Pennant
Very rare style pennant which dates to the 1950s. White background with red print. Great image of a hockey player, wearing gloves, skates, and holding a stick while moving the puck. Tip is missing. VG overall condition due to tip damage.

*1950s-1970s Boston Bruins 29” Full Size Hockey Pennant (3)
Collection of 3 original Boston Bruins hockey pennants.
1. 1950s Boston Bruins orange pennant (EX)
2. 1970s yellow background (EX)
3. 1970s white background (EX)

*1950s Boston Bruins 29” Full Color Hockey Pennant (2)
Nice collection of 2 1950s Boston Bruins pennants. Skating bear facing off again Bruins player. Two different color variations. VG overall condition with pinholes.

*1990s Chicago Black Hawks 29” Pennant Collection (5)
Collection of 5 1990s Black Hawk pennants. VG to EX condition.


*1963-1994 circa Wisconsin Badgers Rose Bowl era 29” Full Size Pennant (4)
Lot of 4 Wisconsin Badgers Pennants. Included are: 1963 (undated) Rose Bowl Pasadena Calif. Wisconsin Badgers Logo pennant, near mint with original tassels; 1970s Wisconsin “Universaitatis Wisonsinensis” pennant, very good condition; and 1963 (undated) Rose Bowl Classic “Universaitatis Wisonsinensis” Bucky Badger and Rose design pennant, near mint condition. Instant Wisconsin Badgers starter collection.

*1960-1980s USC College Football 29” Full Size Pennant (5)
Lot of 5 USC college football pennants. VG to EX condition.

*1967 circa Purdue Boiler Makers 29” Full Size Pennant (3)
Lot of 3 Purdue Boiler Makers football pennants. VG to EX condition.

*1970s Penn State College Football 29” Full Size Pennant Collection (4)
1970s collection in Excellent condition.

*1965-1980 circa Oregon College Football 29” Full Size Pennant Collection (5)
Lot of 5 different Oregon College related football pennants. Excellent condition.

*1985 & 1988 Oklahoma Football Related 29” Full Size College Football Pennant Collection (2)
The first pennant features:
*1985 (December 30th) Oklahoma State Cowboys OSU Onsite Gator Bowl 29” College Football Pennant
The 1985 Gator Bowl game was a post-season college football bowl game between the Florida State University Seminoles and the Oklahoma State Cowboys, and was played on Monday, December 30, 1985, at Gator Bowl Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida. It was the forty-first edition of the bowl game.
Bobby Bowden’s Florida State Seminoles defeated the Oklahoma State Cowboys, 34-23. This game featured many of the top talents of the 1980’s for both schools, including Thurman Thomas and Hart Lee Dykes for Oklahoma State going up against a Florida State defense that featured a freshman named Deion Sanders.
Pennant is in near mint condition. This pennant is old dealer stock and was sold at the game.

The second pennant:
1988 Oklahoma Orange Bowl 29” Full Size College Football Pennant
The 1988 Orange Bowl was a postseason American college football bowl game between the Miami Hurricanes and the Oklahoma Sooners. It was the 54th edition of the Orange Bowl and took place at the Orange Bowl stadium in Miami, Florida on January 1, 1988. Miami was coached by Jimmy Johnson and Oklahoma was coached by Barry Switzer. Miami won the game, 20-14. To date, it is the only time the opposing head coaches from a college national championship football game each later served as head coach of the same professional football team, and won the Super Bowl with that team, that team being the Dallas Cowboys.
Pennant in near mint condition. This pennant is old dealer stock and was sold at the game.

*1969-1970s Ohio College Football 29” Pennant Collection (4)
Collection of 4 Ohio related football pennants. Included are:
-1969 Ohio State Rose Bowl Classic 29” Pennant
The 1969 Rose Bowl was a college football bowl game played on January 1, 1969. It was the 55th Rose Bowl Game. The Ohio State Buckeyes defeated the USC Trojans, 27–16. Rex Kern, the Ohio State quarterback, was named the Rose Bowl Player of the Game.
Heisman Trophy winner O. J. Simpson rushed for 171 yards and an 80-yard touchdown run, but USC had five turnovers, including an interception and a fumble by Simpson. It was only the second #1 vs. #2 matchup in the Rose Bowl, the 1963 Rose Bowl being the first. It was the first time in the history of the Rose Bowl Big 9(Ten) – PCC/Big Ten – AAWU agreements that two unbeaten teams faced each other.
It was the first of four Rose Bowl matchups featuring Ohio State coach Woody Hayes and USC coach John McKay. It was the first of three with the National Championship on the line for both schools. Pennant is in excellent condition.
-1960s Ohio University 29” College Football Pennant
Very rare pennant with a 1920’s style graphic. OHIO University is spelled out in white lettering. Near mint condition.
-(2) 1970s Ohio State University College 29” Pennant
Non-football design, red pennant with gray text and design. Excellent condition

*1970s Notre Dame 29” Full Size Pennant Collection (5)
Lot of 5 Notre Dame Pennants, excellent condition. One Liberty Bowl pennant.

*1970s Oklahoma Sooners No. 1 Team of the Nation 29” College Football Pennant
Great pennant with unique graphics featuring 5 football poses, (kicking w/ star background, tackling, passing w/ star background, snapping with star background, and running with star background. Excellent to near mint condition.

*1960s Wisconsin Badgers 29” College Football Pennant (3)
Collection of Wisconsin Badgers college football pennants featuring Bucky Badger. Very good condition.

*1960s-1988 circa Washington Redskins 29” College Football Pennant Collection (7)
Collection of seven Redskins pennants in excellent condition. Included are 1982 NFC Champions, 1983 Super Bowl, 1960s logo pennant, 1960s white background pennant, rate white background World Champions single bar helmet pennant, late 1960/early 1970s yellow background Redskins pennant, and 1988 Super Bowl Champions pennant.

*1960-1980s Oakland Los Angeles Raiders 29” Full Size Football Pennant Collection (5)
Collection of 5 original Raiders pennants. Excellent to near mint condition.

*1940s Green Bay Packers 10” Mini Pennant
Measuring 10” in length, this mini pennant is in near mint condition. In gold paint is #41, wearing leather helmet with ear pad, canvas pants, and image of a stadium in the reverse. “GREEN BAY PACKERS” is printed in gold.

*1940s Rare Green Bay Packers 24” Pennant (Running Back & Stadium Design)
Measuring 24” in length, this is a rarely seen design. In gold lettering is a front view of a Packers running back, holding the pigskin with his left hand. He is dressed in a leather helmet, canvas pants, and high top cleats. Scattered tuffs of turf surround his running feet. The outline of a stadium is found on the far right after the words, “Green Bay Packers”. Pennant is technically very good to excellent condition. Some light soiling of the gold lettering.

*1910 circa Harvard Horse Drawn Carriage 35” Oversized Pennant
Although not sports related, this pennant dates to the 1910 circa due to the 35” length, which was a common size of the era. A gentleman, dressed in coat, hat, and trousers, holds a whip and reigns as a single gray mare pulls a two wheel carriage. “HARVARD” appears to the right of the image in gothic print. Complete with original tassels. Very good to excellent condition, with slight cracking to the paint.

*1980-1990s Green Bay Packers 29” Full Size Pennant Collection (19)
Comprehensive collection of 1980-1990s Green Bay Packers pennants with some very rare styles. Included are:
1. 1980s Green Bay Packers Helmet logo with striped background, near mint
2. Brett Favre Back to Back MVP pennant, excellent condition
3. Very rare local regional Miller High Life white background Packers helmet logo pennant, some toning to edges
4. Lime Green with black background Packers helmet logo only pennant
5. 1996 Brett Favre MVP pennant
6. 1997 NFC Champions Pennant
7. Feel the Power Pennant
8. Reggie White Player Character Pennant
9. Brett Favre throwing football pennant, very early
10. Super Bowl 31
11. Super Bowl 31 Champions
12. Vertical Super Bowl 21 Champions
13. Super Bowl 31 team character pennant featuring Favre and White
14. Super Bowl 31 facsimile team signed pennant
15. Super Bowl 31 NFC Champions helmet pennant
16. 1996 NFC Central Division Champions pennant (rare)
17. 1995 NFC Champions Central Division Champions pennant
18. 1995 Packers 1st and Goal Pennant
19. 1996 NFC Central Division Champions
Instant collection from the rebirth of the Packers Championship era.

*1990s Barry Sanders Detroit Lions Character 29” Pennant
Classic style and design by Wincraft. Unused, near mint condition.

*1969 circa New York Jets 29” Full Size Pennant
Unused, near mint condition.

*1940-1950s circa Pittsburgh Steelers 29” Pennant
Originally named the Pittsburgh Pirates by owner/founder Art Rooney, the team became the Steelers in 1940. This pennant depicts leather, dog ear helmet, canvas pants, and high top cleats on a player punting the pigskin. The stadium with fans and banners can be seen in the background. “PITTSBURGH STEELERS” is spelled out to the right of the player. The black background serves as a visually interesting backdrop of the yellow lettering. Excellent conditions with some wear to the paint.

*1900-1910 circa Chicago Hand Sewn 45” Pennant
Awesome Chicago pennant dating to the early part of the 20th century. Although only described as “Chicago”, the tag on the reverse proves this is Chicago Sports related. The sewn tag on reverse reads, VL & A “Sporting Goods Exclusively” Chicago, IL. This could be college, baseball, football, or some other unknown sport. Very nice display. Excellent condition.

*1975 (Jan. 12) Minnesota Vikings Super Bowl IX NFC Champions 29” Onsite Pennant
Official Onsite Pennant sold at the Super Bowl in New Orleans, LA. . Old dealer stock, Near mint.

Pop Culture

*1977-1979 Village People Official Onsite 29” Concert Group Photo Pennant
The Village People is an American disco group well known for their on-stage costumes depicting American masculine cultural stereotypes as well as their catchy tunes and suggestive lyrics. The group scored a number of disco and dance hits, including “Macho Man”, “Go West”, the classic club medley of “San Francisco (You’ve Got Me) / In Hollywood”, “In the Navy”, and their greatest hit, “Y.M.C.A.”. They have sold more than 100 million records worldwide.
Official onsite concert pennant sold during the 1977-1979 tour. Features a 7”x7” black and white insert photo of the group. “Village People”, floating musical notes, and the songs, “In the Navy”, “Macho Man”, “Go West”, and “YMCA” finished the design and are framed with red stars. Near mint, old dealer stock.

*1960s Irwin Specialties Beatles Rock N Roll 23” Pennant
Near mint pennant produced by Irwin Specialties of Canada. Officially licensed pennant featured head shots of the four band members. Near mint condition with original tassels.

Other Sports

*1960-1970s Roller Derby 29” Pennant Collection (6)
Great starter collection of roller derby pennants. The first is a 1950/60s example of the “Roller Derby, Red Devils” pennant which features a duo of helmeted skaters, very good to excellent condition; Outlaws Roller games (red); Outlaws Roller Games (red); Renegades Roller Games (blue); Bombers Roller Derby (blue); Jolters Roller Derby (Green); Pioneers Roller Derby (blue).

*1974 World Tennis Team The Boston Lobsters 29” Pennant
The original Lobsters were a charter member of the league in 1974, and folded after just one season. Ultra rare pennant from a very obscure league. Pennant is in excellent condition.

*1948-1953 American Bowling Congress 35” Embroidered Pennant (3)
Oversized collection of pennants featuring the names of the bowlers featured in the 1948, 1952, 1953 American Bowling Congress tournament.
1948 Tournament in Detroit, MI
1952 Milwaukee, WI
1953 Chicago, IL
Oversized pennants in excellent to near mint condition.


*1933-1950 circa Newark Eagles Negro League 23” Pennant
The Newark Eagles played in the Negro Leagues from 1933-1950. The size of this pennant was first found in the 1930 and continued to be used through the 1940s. Great image of a Negro League batter, catcher, and stadium. Excellent condition with original tassels.

*1930s Philadelphia Athletics 23” Baseball Stadium Motif Pennant
Great image of a batter, catcher, umpire, with a clear shot of the third base line. The pitcher is completing his follow through, and the stadium and fans can be seen in the background. Tassels complete, fading to the pennant.

*1940 Detroit Tigers Dated Leaping Tiger Crossed Bats 27” Pennant
Very rare design of this 1940 dated pennant. Good overall condition with fading and cracking of the paint. Tip damage.

*1940s Boston Red Sox Two Sock Logo 29” Pennant
Another rarely seen design. From the era of Ted Williams .401 season. Some water damage to the upper border and cracking to the paint. Good to VG .

*1920s Rare Brooklyn Dodgers Script 29” Pennant
Very rare 1920s style Brooklyn Dodgers script pennant. Great image of a Dodger batter wearing his pin striped flannel uniform. Excellent overall condition with original tassels.

*1940s Brooklyn Dodgers 2nd Baseball / Sliding Runner 29” Pennant
Another rarely seen image of an opposing player, #4, sliding into 2nd base. Ex condition.

*1940s New York Giants “Play At 2nd” Shadow Lettering 29” Pennant
Rarely seen image of a player sliding into 2nd base. Shadow lettering Tip missing. VG condition.

*1950s New York Yankees Logo 29” Pennant
Pennant is in very good condition, someone has traced the word “Yankees” in pen.

*1940-50s Chicago Cubs “Two Cubbie Bears” 29” Pennant
Unique design with two real life cub bears and striped shadow lettering to the “Chicago Cubs” lettering. Excellent condition.

*1940s Pittsburgh Pirates “Pirate w/ Knife in Mouth” 29” Pennant
Rare blue with red lettered color scheme. Pirate with eye patch, knife in mouth, and earring design. Excellent condition.

*1940s Cincinnati Reds Block Shadow 29” Pennant
Simple, yet poignant stylized pennant. Very good to excellent condition.


Tourism & Entertainment

*1955 Grand Opening Disneyland 29” Pennant
For fans of Mickey Mouse, this pennant is a key item of mouse memorabilia. Disneyland opened in 1955, and this copyright dated pennant was one of the first souvenirs available at the park. “Tinkerbell” with fluttering wings and magic stars is found hovering over a scenic street view of the Disneyland Park. “Copyright 1955 Walt Disney Productions” is stamped in the design. Tip of pennant missing, otherwise very good condition.

*1938 Tom Mix Circus “Mix Riding Tony The Wonder Horse” 25” pennant
Wonderful dated 1938 Tom Mix riding Tony the Wonder Horse pennant to promote his circus. Excellent condition.

*1930-40s Statue of Liberty New York 29” Tourism Pennant
Majestic colored pennant of the Statue of Liberty. Excellent condition with original tassels. Pinholes in corners.

*1940s “Greetings From New Guinea” Native w/ Boomerang Kangaroo 23” Pennant
Multi-color pennant from New Guinea. Near mint condition.

*1930-1940s Buffalo Bill North Platte Nebraska 25” Pennant
Great portrait of Buffalo Bill depicted on this pennant issued to promote his hometown of North Platte, Nebraska. Excellent condition.

*1916 (October 4-5th) Path of Gold San Francisco California 29” Pennant
The 327 Path of Gold lamp posts are a legacy from the City Beautiful movement which debuted on October 4th-5th, 1916, as part of a city celebration. Their distinctive color and pattern of light identify Market Street from distant viewpoints. The Winning of the West bases by sculptor Arthur Putnam feature three bands of historical subjects: covered wagons, mountain lions, and alternating prospectors and Indians. The tops were designed in 1916 by sculptor Leo Lentelli and engineer Walter D’Arcy Ryan, whose lighting designs for the Panama Pacific International Exposition of 1915 had inspired emulation on the City’s principal thoroughfare. The original installation, from the Ferry Building to Seventh Street, was a cooperative effort by private companies including Pacific Gas & Electric. To service the tall poles, PG&E invented an ancestor to the cherry picker.
Pennant remains in excellent condition.

*1910-1920s Oklahoma Indian in Canoe 33” Multi Color Pennnat
Promoting the state of Oklahoma, this 1910-1920s oversized 33” pennant depicts a Native American padding a canoe. Multi color. Excellent condition with original tassels.

*1933 – 1963 World’s Fair Century of Progress Pennant Collection (4)
Collection of four pennants celebrating the World’s Fair and Century of Progress.
1. 1939 New York World’s Fair 25” pennant (Ex)
2. 1962 Seattle World’s Fair 25” pennant (EX)
3. 1939 New York World Fair 25” pennant (EX)
4. 1933 Chicago Century of Progress 29” Pennant (VG) chip to upper top edge, pinholes

*1940-50s Santa Claus Christmas North Pole 25” Pennant (2)
Collection of two Santa Claus pennants
1. Santa’s Workshop, North Pole on White Face Mt., NY (EX)
2. North Pole, NY, Home of Santa’s workshop, (EX)

*1941-1945 era Australia Kangaroo WW2 era 20” Pennant (2)
Lot of two WW2 era Australia pennants. One dated 1943 with Kangaroo wearing beret with rifle and bayonet. Near mint.

*1950s Cisco Kid and Pancho Souvenir of the Rodeo 25” Fully Illustrated Pennant
The Cisco Kid is a half-hour American Western television series starring Duncan Renaldo in the title role, The Cisco Kid, and Leo Carrillo as the jovial sidekick, Pancho. Cisco and Pancho were technically desperados[citation needed], wanted for unspecified crimes[citation needed], but instead viewed by the poor as Robin Hood figures who assisted the downtrodden when law enforcement officers proved corrupt or unwilling to help. It was also the first television series to be filmed in color, although few viewers saw it in color until the 1960s.
Finely illustrated pennant featuring the Cisco Kid (Duncan Renaldo) in an intricately designed western shirt and tie, complete with pistol and sombrero. The text of the pennant reads, “Cisco Kid and Poncho, Souvenir of the Rodeo”. Excellent plus condition with pinholes to the corners.

*1940s Souvenir of Hollywood California Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Boulevard, Radio City 25”Pennant
Very rare pennant featuring the period’s three most iconic tourist attractions, Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Boulevards, and Radio City. Pennant is finely illustrated with great detail of the sites and city. Original orange tassels. Excellent plus condition.

*1941 Gene Autry and Champ “Back In the Saddle Again” Illustrated 29” Pennant
Rare white with red lettering and graphics pennants of 1941 Gene Autry and Champ “Back In the Saddle Again”. Hard to find design and color scheme. Excellent condition.

*1960s The Swinginest Show On Earth Las Vegas Onsite Concert 24” Pennant
Near mint souvenir pennant from a Las Vegas Frank Sinatra Concert.

*1999 (July 22-25) Alan Mr. Mint Rosen Autographed National Sports Collectors Convention 29” Promotional Pennant
Rare promotional pennant given away and autographed personally by Alan “Mr. Mint” Rosen.

*1973 Elvis Presley The King Of Rock and Roll 29” Concert Tour Photo Pennant “Featuring The American Eagle Jumpsuit”
Very rare pennant issued in conjunction to Elvis’s 1973 concert. This white pennant features blue text which reads, “The King Of Rock And Roll”, “ELVIS” in large letters bordered by musical notes, and the phrase, “The One and Only” . The image depicts a white jumpsuit with matching blue lined cape. Red lined kickpleats finish the ensemble.

Two almost identical versions were made of this suit, which were both worn during the ‘Aloha shows’. Apparently, the suit Elvis wore during the rehearsal show was slightly bigger. It’s also the version Elvis wore later on tour (and in Vegas) in 1973 and 1974.

Nowadays EPE/Graceland has both of the suits, one of the (three) capes, and the ‘third belt’. A private collector (LM) owns one of the capes, as well as one of the first two belts; apparently also Ed Parker has one of the capes & belts on his possession. Also the original long cape is in private hands. It was sold during one of EPE’s auctions.


Some light soiling, otherwise excellent condition.

*1950s Cowboys Western Motif Hopalong Cassidy & More Pennant Collection (4)
Collection of four western related pennants.
1. Hopalong Cassidy 18” pennant (NR MT)
2. Souvenir State Fair 25” pennant (VG)
3 Casper, WYO. 26” pennant (VG)
4. Cheyene, WYO 29” pennant (EX)

*1940-50s Tourism Statue of Liberty Washington DC & More Pennant Collection (15)
1. Statue of Liberty 27” Pennant
2. Washington DC 27”Pennant
3. New York 27” Pennant (2)
4. Niagara Falls, Canada 20” Pennant
5. Philadelphia, PA 27” Pennant
6. Pennsylvania 12” Pennant
7. New Jersey Turnpike 12” Pennant
8. Ocean View, VA 14” Pennant
9. Washington DC 24” Pennant
10. Cape May 24” Pennant
11. Golden Gate International Exposition 24” Pennant
12. Washington DC 24” Pennant
13. New Orleans, La 24” Pennant
14. Chicago, IL 24” Pennant
15. Aloha, Kauai 24” pennant

*1972 Elvis Presley “The King Of Rock And Roll” Onsite Tour Photo 29” Pennant (Featuring The Black Butterfly Costume)
Sold during his 1972 tour, this pennant features an inset black and white photo (6”x6”) of the king wearing his black butterfly costume. The costume is best described as a black jumpsuit with a matching yellow lined cape. He wore it with a belt which was original to the costume, and alternated it with a gold attendance belt. Fans have described the suit as a reversed version of the White Pyramid. The nails on the suit are tiny butterflies. One of the suits that was only worn in Vegas, and never on tour. Apparently, there were two slightly different versions of this suit. The other, which can be seen on the “costume fitting” pictures, has yellow lined cape, and yellow kick pleats, and the other, which has been on display at Graceland, has gold lined cape and kick pleats.
Printed in blue on the white pennant background is, “The King Of Rock And Roll” and “ELVIS – The One and Only”. Made in the USA is found in the bottom left corner. Excellent overall condition with some light staining on the upper border and tip.

*1950s Sing Sing Huntsville Prison Pennant Collection (3)
I guess they made a pennant for almost everything! This collection of pennants were designed for tourist visiting prisons, whereas you would much rather be a tourist than a member of the main attraction! Included in this lot are:
1. Sing Sing blue background with convict in striped prison uniform with ball and chain on leg. Measures 25”. (EX)
2. Sing Sing red background with convict in striped prison uniform with ball and chain on leg. Measure 25”. (EX)
3. Souvenir Prison Rodeo Huntsville, Texas. Measures 29”, (EX)

*1940-1950s Circus Ringling Bros. Pennant Collection (8)
Vintage collection of Circus pennants.
1. Lion tamer and lion Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus 25” Pennant (EX)
2. Clowns, elephant trainer, and uni-cycle rider 25” pennant (EX)
3. Souvenir of the circus, Lion tamer 25” pennant (EX)
4. Ringling Bros. Barnum and Bailey 25” Circus pennant (EX)
5. Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey Circus 25” pennant (EX)
6. Souvenir of Circus 26” pennant (EX)
7. Souvenir of the Circus 29” pennant, large clown head in front of circus tent (EX)
8. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey combined circus pennant (EX)

*1930-1950s Bathing Beauty Swimsuit State Tourism Attractions Pennant Collection (14)
Great collection of tourism related pennants. Included in the collection are:
1. Wildwood, NJ 10” pennant, woman in swimsuit (EX)
2. Ocean City, NJ 10”pennant, woman n swimsuit (EX)
3. Miami, FLA featuring bathing beauty, crocodile, and oranges 25” pennant (EX)
4. Souvenir of Miami Beach, man and woman on beach, 25” pennant (EX)
5. Florida two bathing beauties, singing tower, crocodile 25” pennant (EX)
6. Hollywood Florida bathing beauty 25” pennant (EX)
7. Atlantic City, NJ Convention Hall 15” pennant (VG)
8. 1956 Ft Lauderdale FLA bathing beauty 15” pennant (NR MT)
9. Hampton Beach, NH bathing beauty on peer 25” pennant (VG/EX)
10. Lenape Park, Mays Landing, NJ 25” pennant (VG)
11. Atlanta City, NJ Convention Hall, Steel Pier, 25” pennant (EX)
12. Caroline Beach, Bathing Beauty, 25” pennant (EX)
13. Savannah Beach, GA bathing beauty 25” pennant (EX)
14. South Beach 29” pennant (VG/EX)

*1939-1949 circa Airport Pennant Collection (3)
Collection of 3 airport pennants. Excellent condition.
1939 circa New York Municipal Airport LA Guardia 26” pennant (EX)
1949 circa O’Hare Airport Chicago 26” pennant (EX)
1940s Newark Airport 25” pennant (EX)

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