Bid In Sig Auctions Special Pallet April 19, 2019 Auction – 8 Lots Only

Sig Auctions Special Daily Auctions End Each Day August 22-28, 2016Sig Auctions current special 8 Lot Pallet auction is in progress with a 30-Minute rule beginning at 9 PM EST on the last day of the auction.  8 pallet lots of memorabilia, autographs, cards and more. Bid, view and register for the auction at   The auction runs thru April 19, 2019!

Description of Pallet Lots (Only 8):

For all you Storage Wars fans out there, here is your chance to own part of a lifetime collection that we purchased and removed last week from a 15 x 30′ storage unit that was packed full of trading cards, autographs, and memorabilia. These pallets are COMPLETELY UNSEARCHED -we thought this would be a fun way for multiple people have a chance at this collection and we are opening the bidding at our COST! They’re perfect for eBay resellers, dealers, super-collectors, mystery box buyers and gamblers alike! We filled up each pallet as we went through the unit and as we filled one and shrink wrapped it we started to fill another until we had (8) pallets absolutely loaded! Again, we have not looked through any of the boxes other than to verify that they were filled with sports cards or memorabilia. From our initial inspection as we were loading, the collection is comprised of mainly cards from the 1950s to present, 85% of which appear to be evenly composed of issues from the early 1980s to present and most of it neatly labeled with many cards in holders and priced. The previous owner was a show dealer/collector and this was his show inventory as well as portions of collections he had purchased over the years so there won’t be massive amounts of common cards (except in sets). There were entire boxes of game-used/player-worn memorabilia cards, autographs, multiple shoeboxes with priced vintage cards from the 50’s &’60s (all in top loaders), factory sets, hand collated sets, star, insert, parallel boxes including one large box filled with nothing but Michael Jordan cards, and quite literally anything else you could think of that is sports card related. You are bidding on the exact pallet pictured in the listing and shipping will be billed at actual freight cost (approximately $300-800 per pallet depending on location); in-person pickup is recommended. Make sure you don’t miss out on this fun and exciting opportunity! Your significant other might not be happy but it will provide you with days of searching and deal discovering! IF YOU BUY ALL (8) WE’LL PAY THE FREIGHT!!!


Bid, view and register for the auction at



We Will Get Through This!