Breaking a HIGH GRADE 1965 Topps Baseball Set (8.40GPA) – Ending Feb. 12th – Feb. 13th – Feb. 14th

stevenovella32.0_-180x120ends2.14.13PSA Authorized Dealer Steve Novella ( Estero, FL. ) is breaking a PSA Graded 1965 Topps Baseball Set card by card on eBay. Cards #1 to #200 end Tuesday February 12th; Cards #201 to #400 end Wednesday February 13th; and Cards #401 to #598 end Thursday February 14th. Set includes 200+ PSA 9’s. Visit eBay ID – , email or call 239-336-9491 with questions or a complete listing and details.

  • 1967 Topps Baseball (8.50GPA) ending February 19th-20th-21st
  • 1968 Topps Baseball (8.95GPA) ending February 26th-27th-28th