CGC Cards Now Accepting Submissions

With the official launch of CGC Cards, enjoy more affordable pricing and the option to submit without a paid membership (but paid members get even lower prices on grading!). Stay tuned to and our social channels @CGCcards for more information about special promotions.

It’s go time! CGC Cards™ is now accepting submissions of virtually all TCGs, sports cards and non-sports cards, following the combination of CGC Trading Cards® and CSG®. Collectors will enjoy more affordable prices, the ability to submit without purchasing a membership, an industry-standard Gem Mint 10 grading scale and other great benefits.

CGC Cards leverages the strength of the renowned Certified Guaranty Company® (CGC®) brand, which was established in 2000 and has become the undisputed leader in pop culture collectibles grading, with more than 10 million collectibles certified. CGC and its affiliates have graded more than 75 million collectibles since 1987 and include the world’s largest grading services for coins, paper money, comic books and stamps. CGC Cards builds upon this legacy of success.

“The changes we’re making with CGC Cards will benefit collectors and dealers by making our expert and impartial services more accessible, more affordable and more rewarding,” says Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of the Certified Collectibles Group® (CCG®), of which CGC is part. “We are committed to providing the highest levels of service to the card market for decades to come.”

The first round of many collector-friendly updates
The benefits of CGC Cards are many: no paid membership required to submit, affordable prices, a market-friendly Gem Mint 10 grading scale and an upgraded label. There’s also more to come, including a single, streamlined online submission form. Read on for more details on the benefits effective now. For FAQs about the changes, go here.

New CGC Cards services and fees, effective July 11, 2023

That’s right, collectors no longer need to have a paid membership to submit cards for grading! All it takes is a free account that can be set up in seconds. Meanwhile, paid members enjoy even lower grading fees. Associate and Premium members get 10% off grading fees and Elite members get 20% off grading fees, along with other exclusive benefits. Memberships with grading discounts start at just $25 per year.

Done reading and ready to submit? Go here.

For collectors and dealers who would like to reholder cards certified by CGC Trading Cards and CSG with the new CGC Cards label, CGC Cards has lowered its reholder fee to just $5 until September 30, 2023, for cards valued under $10,000. Plus, any cards with a grade of Gem Mint 9.5 automatically convert to the CGC Cards Gem Mint 10 grade!

And there’s more: CGC Cards is eliminating the fees for thick holders, high-resolution imaging and error cards, as well as the $5 handling fee. For all of CGC Cards services and fees, go here.

Gem Mint 10 Grading Scale
It has become clear that the hobby has moved towards a grading scale where a Gem Mint equates to a 10 on a 10-point grading scale. In fact, 79% of card collectors and dealers equate Gem Mint to a 10 according to a recent survey conducted by a third party on behalf of CCG.

CGC Cards uses an industry-standard 10-point grading scale topped by a Gem Mint 10 and, for the best of the best, a Pristine 10. Cards previously graded Gem Mint 9.5 are exactly equivalent to Gem Mint 10 under the updated grading scale, and are reflected in the CGC Cards Certification Verification, Population Report and Registry resources under the Gem Mint 10 grade, without any action needing to be taken by collectors and dealers.

The Perfect 10 grade, which was seldom used, is no longer being assigned. However, it is still supported by all of CGC Cards’ online tools. Moreover, all cards graded by CGC Trading Cards and CSG continue to be covered by CGC Cards’ comprehensive guarantee of authenticity and grade, the strongest guarantee in the industry.

Sub-Grades are no longer offered. While Sub-Grades have a small group of loyal fans, over time they have become far less popular with submitters. In recent months, fewer than 5% of submissions included a request for Sub-Grades. CGC Cards looks forward to providing collectors and dealers with other, more innovative ways to learn how and why their cards received the grades that they did.

Sleek, upgraded label coupled with the industry’s best holder
Every graded card is encapsulated in the superior CGC Cards holder. It offers exceptional display, crystal-clear optics and numerous security features, and few who see it in hand dispute that it is the industry’s best. Coupled with the sleek new CGC Cards label, the spotlight is where it should be — on the cards. Without distracting colors or design elements, the label provides a detailed description of the card, along with its grade, its unique CGC certification number and a QR code to facilitate quick verification.

With the label upgrade, CGC Cards is also thrilled to introduce the ultra-special CGC Cards Pristine 10 label — a lux, gold label worthy of the chase grade. The response from collectors and dealers to the first images of the CGC Cards Pristine 10 label has been incredible, and now some very lucky collectors finally have the chance to get their own.

Plus, more to look forward to
In the coming months, will have just one online submission form for all TCGs, sports cards and non-sports cards graded by CGC Cards. In the meantime, there is a submission form for TCGs and non-sports cards and a submission form for sports cards at, but CGC Cards is eliminating the $5 handling fee, and submitters can also save money by sending all cards in one box.

Importantly, TCGs are continuing to be graded by TCG experts under the leadership of Vice President Matt Quinn; sports cards are continuing to be graded by sports card experts under the leadership of Vice President Andy Broome; and non-sports cards are graded by experts who specialize in those series. All graders who previously worked under CGC Trading Cards and CSG now work under CGC Cards.

Submit today!
Submit today and experience the new CGC Cards! For more on how to submit, go here, and to get started, simply create an account. If you already have an account, go to the easy-to-use online submission form. Questions? Contact CGC Cards Customer Service at or (+1) 855-GRADE10 (855-472-3310).

Stay tuned to and our social channels @CGCcards for more information about special promotions.

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