Last Chance To Bid: Collect Auctions Bidding Ends Today August 8th

collectauctions7-23-12Collect Auctions bidding ends this Thursday, August 8, which means today is the last day to place bids. Regular bidding ends at 9:00 CST (10:00 EST) on Thursday, at which time the extended bidding period begins and is based on a 30-minute rule per lot. In order to bid after 9:00 CST, you will need to have a bid placed on that particular lot before the extended bidding begins. Each lot will close individually after there are no bids on that lot for a 30-minute period.

Please visit for additional descriptions and images for all lots and call with any questions (888-463-3063). Invoices will be sent out to winning bidders on Friday afternoon, August 9th, and all invoices are due within 10 days of the end of the auction. Payments must be made via checks, money orders or cash. Thanks and good luck!

Bidding Ends April 11

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