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Clean Sweep Auctions 2-Day All Sports Affordable Auction Ends December 15-16, 2021

Clean Sweep Auctions Current Auction Ends April 11-12, 2018Clean Sweep Auctions is ending 2021 on a solid note, with a terrific affordable all sports autograph, card and memorabilia auction. Unique to the hobby, nearly all of the items have a retail value of $500 or less and very low minimum bids.  The auction takes place over two days on Wednesday and Thursday December 15th and 16th. To register and bid before the auction which closes on December 15-16, 2021 go to Please note in a departure from previous auctions of this kind, baseball memorabilia and publications will end the FIRST DAY NOT THE SECOND.  

We open the auction with a solid selection of signed cards. We have signed 1933 Goudeys, 1940 Play Balls, 1950s and 1960s Exhibit cards and more. The auction continues with a deep run of signed 8×10 photos, highlights include four different Mint Mantles, a good run of the recent HOF inductees on HOF Induction 8x10s and a strong selection of vintage stars.

Other highlights on day one include a beautiful run of 1939 autographed cuts on card stock, many fine signed large prints and a deep offering of signed books with great content. Autographed baseball collectors will see our usual run of signed HOFers and stars and many solid group lots. There are many very interesting multi-signed and team signed balls, including a run of 1940s to 1970s Cubs team balls and some

All Star Game and Championship team balls. Day one concludes with a fine run of signed bats, a collection of photos and paper items from the Walter Johnson family, a nice run of Mantle PM10 pins, good tickets and a World Series program run from 1933 to 1945.

Day two opens with baseball cards. We have a large offering of complete sets and quality group lots that start in the 1950s and go up the current day. We have many higher grade singles and oddball issues offered as individual lots, with a strong selection of clean graded HOFers and Rookie Cards, these go up through the current day. We close out the baseball card section with a fine selection of interesting and unusual oddball Pete Rose and related items (including memorabilia) from the amazing Pete Rose collection that we have been selling in recent auctions.

The auction continues with a selection of higher grade basketball single cards and sets from the 1960s through the current day. We have some interesting signed basketball and boxing items as well. Football collectors will see a good offering of single cards, sets and lots ranging from the 1940s to the present.

We have many signed footballs, signed photos and other flats, a run of Goal Lines and some desirable tickets and Chicago Bears early season passes as well.

The auction concludes with a selection of higher grade hockey card sets from the 1970s and 1980s, various signed hockey items and a smattering of items from other sports, including a 1941 Kentucky Derby ticket.

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