Clean Sweep Auctions 2,000+ Lots – A Collector’s Paradise – Ends March 25-26

cleansweeplogoClean Sweep Auctions would like to thank our many bidders and consignors for making our January auction such a tremendous success. We are actively seeking out consignments right now for our next major auction, in late May (the deadline is April 10). The current auction is the biggest physical auction that we have ever run. Checking in at a whopping 2,052 lots, this auction will take place over two days, on March 25 and March 26. The auction is loaded with all sorts of fresh and interesting material. This is our unique to the industry affordable auction with nearly all lots having a retail value of $500 or less and very low minimium bids, making this a veritable collector’s paraside.

Day one is all about baseball autographs. We open the auction with a tremendous selection of signed cards, 171 lots in total. We have some very interesting TCMA signed sets from the 1970s with scarce deceased players, classic HOFers from the 1950s through the 1970s and many scarce signed cards in this auction. This section clos- es with some very high quality modern signed cards, including Rookie inserts from Derek Jeter, Justin Heyward, Clayton Kershaw and Justin Verlander among others.

Collectors and dealers of signed 8×10 photos should really enjoy this auction. We have over 150 different lots, featuring every mainline HOFer and scarcities like Branch Rickey, Roy Campanella, Gil Hodges, Earle Combs, a lovely 8×10 Jimmie Dykes Burke photo, some unusual multi-signed Mickey Mantle signed photos and much more. We also have many terrific group lots, both larger quantities of individual players and also some fine mini-collections in this section. Signed 16×20 photos follow, these are simply wonderful images taken by a pho- tographer with a great eye, all were obtained in person and have super low minimum bids. These are not framed, so do not worry about higher shipping costs. After 16x20s, there is an extensive selection of interesting larger format photos, collages and other framed displays, with some very solid content. Collectors of signed programs will see a fine run of Sport Magazine and related signed issues from the 1950s and 1960s, these are also included in the other sports on day two.


Signed baseballs conclude day one. This is a very special section, with many extremely scarce Yankee singles, things like Eddie Bockman, Tom Ferrick, Bob Grim, Hersh Martin, Frank O’Rourke and Paul Schreiber. Our HOF section is as deep as ever, with seemingly every mainline HOFer nicely represented. We conclude single signed baseballs with many terrific group lots and mini-collections, these have super low minimum bids and honestly of- fer a simply incredible value in today’s market. Collectors of multi-signed and team balls should also really enjoy this auction. We have a tremendous selection of HOF signed balls, going back to the 1960s, including induction balls, high quality Old Timers balls, a 500 Home Run Club ball, high quality No Hitter balls, a fine Ted Williams/ Jack Sharkey signed basell from 1961 and a Yankee Old Timers ball with George Weiss and Joe Dugan. Team balls check in at a very hefty 103 different lots! These start in the 1930s and go through the present. There are high grade balls from the 1950s and 1960s, some Championship team balls, many Yankee and Dodger balls and also some terrific group lots.

Day two begins with baseball cards. We have many interesting oddball issues and sets from the 1950s through the 1970s, some very high grade Topps common lots from the 1960s, clean star cards from the same era and some unusually clean 1970s sets from Old Time hobbyists. In particular, we have a 1953 Johnston Cookies set in higher grade, a fun 1956 Big League Statue of Roy Campanella in the original packaging, 1959 and 1960 Armour Coin sets, a good 1963 Post Cereal partial set, 1970 Topps Super set and scarce Minor League sets from the late 1970s. For the dealer in 1980s cards, there are some tremendous group lots offered with incredibly low minimum bids and also some nicer wax boxes, including 1984 Donruss and 1982 Topps.

Basketball card collectors will see the usual selection of single cards and sets from the late 1960s and 1970s, many classic modern Rookie Cards (Jordan, Bird/Magic etc) and also some great dealer lots.

Basketball autograph collectors will see a good run of single signed basketballs, 8×10 photos and some good lots of vintage 1950s and 1960s autographs in lots, including a real Bill Russell. Boxing collectors will see an eclectic selection of auto- graphs and memorabilia and several Ali signed items.

Football is a major part of this auction, it begins with star cards from the 1950s and goes through the 1980s. There are high grade sets, extremely fine common lots, with note to a superb 1975 Topps set with many PSA 8s and a 1976 Topps set with a Walter Payton PSA 8. Football autographs include several nice signed footballs, a run of Goal Line postcards, many signed 8x10s, high quality signed cachets and much more.

Baseball memorabilia very, very ably concludes the auction. One of our best selections ever, this is something to really review carefully. We begin with some fine vintage pennants, with note to many classic Boston Red Sox and Boston Braves pennants from the 1940s and the 1950s. We have a nice selection of tickets and some very interest- ing vintage pins, many of which are fresh to the hobby. There is a fine collection of white-hot season passes, from 1912 through 1969. Equipment includes some fine Charlie Hayes game jerseys from the 1990s and early 2000s and some nice game model and signed bats. Baseball publications close the auction. We have a nice run of World Series programs, some very good LCS programs, many earlier All Star Game programs and a fine run of vintage yearbooks with many classic issues.

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