Clean Sweep Auctions Current Auction Open – Ends December 9-10th

cleansweeplogoChecking in at over 650 lots, this Clean Sweep Auction features a great selection of baseball cards (graded and ungraded) as well as a great assortment of memorabilia (game used/autographed/etc). Bid, register and view the auction at The auction concludes on December 9-10, 2015.   This one has a good varied selection of items for collectors.

Highlights Include:

Bid, register and view the auction at .

Absolutely loaded with material, this is by far the deepest auction of this type that we have ever run. We want to thank our many loyal consignors for making this possible. This is our unique to the industry affordable auction, with almost all lots carrying a retail value of $500 or less and low minimum bids with no reserves. We also want to mention that we are actively seeking out high quality consignments for our next major auction in January 2016 – the deadline for this is December 7.

This auction contains several fresh and exciting collections, wonderful and interesting baseball autographs, our best selection ever of signed football helmets and our best offering ever of vintage baseball tickets, pins and photos. Day one is all about baseball autographs, mostly flats. We open with a terrific run of 75 different signed Burke photos, all directly from the personal collection of star third baseman Ken Keltner. We continue with signed cards, with note to a run of 1941 Play Balls, many tough 1950s vintage signed cards, and some fine group lots and partial sets from the 1960s through the 1990s. Collectors of 3x5s and cuts will see a strong selection of classic HOFers, many in terrific condition as well as many rarities.

As always with these auctions, there is a tremendous run of signed 8x10s, spread out over a full 100 lots. Highlights include a high grade Mantle/Maris 8×10, a fine 1959 Braves team signed photo, several Mickey Mantles, Heinie Manush, two terrific Casey Stengel signed original images and many terrific group lots.

Others items of note include a terrific run of signed jerseys, also perhaps our best ever, including Mickey Mantle, Ted Lyons (rare), George Kelly (rare), Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Willie Mays. We have many outstanding oversize images, including classic images of Jeter and Rivera, a classic DiMaggio/Mantle/Martin/Ford, a Leroy Neiman of Mike Schmidt and much more. Many very desirable signed vintage programs close out day one, including a terrific 1969 All Star Game signed program, several vintage Mantle and Williams signed magazines and two programs with Gil Hodges.

Day two begins with a small but nice selection of baseball cards from 1950 to the present. There are many interesting oddball and regional issues, high grade singles and contemporary complete sets.

Basketball collectors will see a rare authentic Michael Jordan signed Beckett magazine, a superb Chamberlain/Russell signed 16×20, a 1955 All Star game box and 1957 All Star Game program. Football collectors should have a field day here, with a tremendous selection of signed full size helmets, several signed jerseys, a run of vintage 3x5s signed by classic HOFers and many fine oversize signed items.

Hockey is very well represented here, starting with the original banner welcoming the athletes to the 1980 Winter Olympic Games, many terrific oversize signed images, fine jerseys from Mario Lemieux and Bobby Orr and many higher quality group lots.

Baseball memorabilia is as deep as ever for this auction, including a fresh run of vintage World Series tickets going back to 1930, many key signed tickets from classic games, several very scarce pre-1960 pennants, some terrific vintage photos going back to the 1920s, perhaps our best offering ever of photos, many desirable pinbacks and several scarce vintage baseballs in the original boxes among so much more. Pub collectors will see a small but nice run of World Series programs going back to 1929, many classic team yearbooks from the 1950s and 1960s and several better All Star Game programs.

We end the auction on a very high note with over 350 different lots of single signed, multi-signed and team-signed baseballs. Single signed balls include many tough deceased singles, with note to Walt Alston, Mickey Cochrane, Mike Garcia, Jim Hegan, the most affordable Babe Ruth in the world and a vintage signed Warren Spahn. We have our usual tremendous selection of HOFers, many with desirable inscriptions and some better singles from current and recently retired players.

There are many terrific group lots of single signed balls in various themes, which offer some of the best values in the entire memorabilia market right now.

Multi-signed balls include many desirable Old Timer balls and other interesting baseballs. Team balls range from 1929 – 2006. There are many better Yankee team balls going back to 1950, several very scarce Minor League team balls, a 1985 Royals Championship ball and some All Star balls.

In sum, if you collect vintage autographs or memorabilia, this should be an extremely enjoyable auction to review and again thank you to our consignors and bidders for making this possible.



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