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Clean Sweep Higher Grade 1960 Present Card Auction Ends Wednesday September 6th

Clean Sweep Major Auction Closes May 31st – Autographs, Cards and MoreClean Sweep Auctions Higher Grade 1960-Present Card Auction is in progress and Closes September 6, 2017.  Visit our web site at to bid, register and view items.  Our current auction is about higher grade and oddball cards, mainly from 1960 to the present. We have many new additions to our online store, with all sorts of interesting material especially cards.


The current catalog features an auction of higher grade single cards and sets, mainly from the 1960s to the 1980s, covering several major sports. This is one of the best auctions of its kind that we have ever offered, possibly the finest, with loads of higher grade fresh singles, lots and sets; there are many really nice cards all throughout the auction.


The auction begins with a substantial run of baseball card sets and lots. Going back to the 1950s, there are over 60 different lots in just this category. We continue with a solid run of higher grade star cards from 1960 through 1972. There are a few early 1980s wax boxes as well.

The other sports follow. Basketball collectors will see runs of 1948 Bowmans, 1957-8 Topps, and nice selections from 1969/70 Topps through 1976/77 Topps, including some sets. Football collectors will see runs of 1948 Exhibits, many 1950s and 1950s stars and partial sets, and high grade complete sets from the 1970s and 1980s. Hockey cards go back to 1939. We have some interesting pre-1960 singles, two Wayne Gretzky Rookie cards and many star cards.

Our sale section has an expanded offering of autographs. We have a tremendous selection of single signed baseballs, especially HOFers and former star players. We have some scarce balls, and high grade singles from all of the classic HOFers. More contemporary collectors will see singles from the key players from the great late 1990s Yankees teams. We have a solid selection of Perez Steeles, including a newly broken Greatest Moments set. There are many better signed Yellow HOF Plaques and a wonderful selection of signed 8×10 photos, literally bursting with key HOFers.

We had an extremely successful National Convention show and will be adding thousands of new items over the next month; some key cards made it into this catalog, but check our online store for many new additions as you read this. We want to thank our many loyal customers and suppliers for making this possible. Pre-war baseball includes three new Old Judges, a new E95 Ty Cobb, our biggest selection ever of T204 Ramlys, many new T206 HOFers and PSA 5-6 commons and a new run of high grade P2 Sweet Caporal Pins.

We continue with a fine selection of 1920s and 1930s Exhibits, 1927 York Caramel, some new 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig cards, and a big new run of collector grade 1941 Play Ball singles.

Topps and Bowman collectors will see new cards from nearly every Topps set from 1952-1967. We have new 1951 Bowman Mantle and Mays Rookies, a tremendous run of clean 1952 Topps high numbers including Eddie Mathews and Pee Wee Reese, some new clean 1952 Topps 1-310 singles, new 1954 Topps key cards and many new 1957 Topps stars. Our inventory of 1959-1962 Topps is as deep as it has ever been, with multiple clean examples of nearly every star card. 1963-1967 Topps collectors will see many new higher grade singles, and a fine offering of high numbers from 1966 and 1967.

We have an expanded offering of football cards for sale, going through the late 1970s. Basketball and hockey cards close out the catalog.

Clean Sweep Auctions
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