Clean Sweep Major Auction Features Incredible Vintage Yankee Collection Ends October 2, 2019

Clean Sweep Auctions Current Auction Ends April 11-12, 2018The current Clean Sweep auction is one of the very best we have offered. We have worked tirelessly for months putting this together. Yankee items are featured on our cover, this is the heart of the current auction. Checking in at 187 lots and spread out over 45 pages, this is really an auction unto itself. This is a deviation from our usual format, but we thought it would be fun to keep these items together. Mainly from an incredible single owner collection, this section is loaded with fresh, great and often rare material. To register and bid before the auction which closes on October 2, 2019 , 2019 go to

Yankee highlights include many terrific Yankee team signed photos and baseballs, including an amazing 1920 Yankees signed sheet with Babe Ruth. There are three Mickey Mantle Rookie Cards, a 1916-1920 Big Head Babe Ruth strip card, a large selection of rare pre-war Yankee cards from 1903-1937 including an E105 Mello Mint Hal Chase, some very difficult Mantle oddball cards, including a 1952 Star Cal Decal, two Stahl Meyers, 1960 Post Cereal and full 1960s Bazooka Panels. There are also several sharp 1960s Mantle Topps cards in 8 holders.

This section also offers a world class Thurman Munson signed game used bat, a Rookie Jeter signed game bat, a great Posada game bat signed by the whole Yankee team, Yankee contracts including a pre-Rookie Dazzy Vance and a very rare Armando Marsans. There are two really nice Babe Ruth autographs and a wide variety of better Mickey Mantle, Thurman Munson and other very nice 1950s-1970s Yankee team signed items.

The auction goes well beyond this great Yankee collection. Key lots include a T206 Mathewson with a Brown Hindu back, a fully graded 1954 Johnson Cookies set, a sharp 1966 Topps set, Roberto Clemente and Rogers Hornsby single signed baseballs, ne game used bats from Gil Hodges and Willie Mays, two extremely rare 1923 World Series full tickets that are fresh to the hobby and an Abraham Lincoln signed pardon.

The selections of baseball cards are as extensive as we have ever had in one of these auctions. There are large selections of Old Judges (with some HOFers and Spotted Ties), T206s including three Cobbs, Demmitt and O’Hara, a fresh run of 52 Topps cards with a Mays SGC 5, sharp high numbers and an Eddie Mathews SGC 4. There are several very high quality 8s in this section, including a 1958 Topps Ted Williams and much more.

Baseball card sets and lots include a stunning 1914 B18 Blanket red in eld variation that is fresh to market and a nice offering of sets from the 1930s through the 1970s, with oddball sets and clean Topps and Bowmans.

Baseball autographs include some very tough signed cards going back to the 1920s, ne slabbed checks from Jackie Robinson and Honus Wagner, classic HOF autographed at items and many signed baseballs. The signed baseballs including some outstanding team and multi-signed baseballs from the 1950s and 1960s that came from the son of the Yankee trainer at the time.

Basketball collectors will see a small but high-powered section with two terri c large Michael Jordan UDA framed displays, a Jordan HOF signed basketball and a framed Jordan Chicago Bulls signed jersey among much more. Football collectors will see clean singles and sets from the 1950s and 1960s, including a terrific SGC-graded 1963 Fleer set.

Baseball memorabilia closes out the auction with some interesting game used jerseys and bats from a 1991 home run derby, a 1926 World Series program and a rare 1946 Exhibition game program from Jackie Robinson’s first appearance at Ebbett’s Field.

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