Clemens World Series Trophy Now Headed To Auction At Grey Flannel

Roger Clemens’ 2000 World Series Trophy to headline Grey Flannel’s April 29 auction World Series Trophy – as well as jerseys, gloves and baseballs to be auctioned – had been gifts from Clemens to trainer Brian McNamee.  The most important object in the collection is the 2000 World Series Trophy awarded to Roger Clemens, which he later gave to McNamee as a gift.

Rogers Clemens is one of the titans of baseball – a 7-time Cy Young Award winner and one of only four pitchers ever to strike out more than 4,000 batters in Major League play. And while the history books are in accord on the stellar career statistics associated with the former Yankees superstar, they will probably never agree on one particular question: did Clemens use anabolic steroids to enhance his size and athletic performance on the pitcher’s mound?

This is the allegation that was made by Clemens’ former personal trainer, Brian McNamee, in his testimony before the Mitchell Commission, whose December 2007 report cast a sobering pall over professional baseball.

With the passing of time, the sensational headlines swirling around McNamee’s allegations and Clemens’ flat denials of any past steroid use dissipated. But now, in an odd twist, the subject has been revived in the public’s consciousness with the admission by Yankees phenom Alex Rodriguez that he previously injected a type of banned steroid.

Shortly before Rodriguez’s surprise statement, Grey Flannel Auctions secured a consignment for its April 29, 2009 sale that tangibly documents the one-time close friendship between Roger Clemens and Brian McNamee. Consisting of approximately two dozen items, the consignment includes apparel, equipment and memorabilia originally owned by both Clemens and another great Yankees pitcher who trained with McNamee, Andy Pettitte. According to the consignor, all of the high-profile collectibles were previously part of McNamee’s personal collection, hence each is accompanied by a letter of authenticity signed by McNamee.

The most important object in the collection is the 2000 World Series Trophy awarded to Roger Clemens, which he later gave to McNamee as a gift. The trophy represents an especially significant World Series – known to fans as a “subway series” because it pitted two New York teams against one another, the Yankees and the Mets. Clemens, who was the Yankees’ indomitable star pitcher in the series, played a major role in his team’s victory over the Mets. The 12-inch-tall trophy features a silver crown atop an arc centerpiece above a silver baseball. Thirty gold flags, each identifying a different Major League Baseball team, adorn the trophy. The band around its base reads “World Series Champions, New York Yankees, 2000, Roger Clemens.”

The collection also includes All-Star game jerseys, autographed baseballs, game-used fielding gloves and other items given to McNamee by Clemens and Pettitte.

“Each of the lots in the upcoming sale is likely to be viewed by future generations of fans as symbolic of a turning point in Major League Baseball’s evolution,” said Grey Flannel Auctions’ president, Richard E. Russek. And Russek knows how to spot such things. His company has auctioned more than its fair share of iconic objects from major league sports, including the most famous of all baseball uniforms – the jersey Babe Ruth wore when he pointed toward the center field bleachers in Chicago’s Wrigley Field during the 1932 World Series and proceeded to slam in a home run, exactly in that direction. Grey Flannel auctioned the Ruth jersey in 2005 for more than $1 million.
The auction of Roger Clemens’ 2000 World Series trophy and other Clemens and Pettitte apparel and game-used equipment formerly in the Brian McNamee Collection will be offered in an Internet and absentee-bid auction closing on April 29. The fully illustrated electronic catalog will be available to view online the first week of April at For further information call 631-288-7800 ext. 221 or email

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