Auctions Current Auction Highlights Include Unopened Packs & Boxes 2009 Sports Auction 2 is now live and ends this week on August 27.  Now accepting consignments for 2009 Sports Auction 3. Interested in consigning? Call 888-463-3063 or visit to learn more about the benefits of consigning with Auctions. Here’s a look at some of our hottest Unopened Packs & Boxes current auction:

1972 Topps Baseball Series 3 Unopened Vending Box (500)
This thing could have been what the Watergate burglars were looking for in 1972 when they broke into the DNC offices. A whole box of Series Three from the psychedelic issue, making the pursuit of two cards each of Henry Aaron and Roberto Clemente a high probability, or maybe those campy Boyhood Photos speciality cards that helped propel the set to dizzying heights of 787 cards. One thing we know for sure, there are 500 of them here, all as prissy and perfect as the day they were born, which is not too shabby 37 years later. This lot includes an LOA from Auctions stating that the box was pulled from a sealed case and is guaranteed to be unsearched.

1971 Topps Baseball Series 3 Unopened Vending Box (500)
Just imagine: a 1971 Topps Brooks Robinson or a Ted Williams manager card, nestled safely in a vending box that hasn’t been touched or felt the sting of sunlight for nearly 40 years. The black borders in 1971 Topps make it arguably the most difficult vintage Topps set of all to complete in NR-MT or better condition, so here are 500 that likely to fall into that description. “Honk if you find Steve Garvey’s rookie card.” It should be noted that at first glance, the box shows the usual loose pack as exhibited by most of this issue, but don’t worry. This wasn’t all that uncommon before 1973 when vending boxes were larger than they are now. This lot includes an LOA from Auctions stating that the box was pulled from a sealed case and is guaranteed to be unsearched.

1970 Topps Football Series 1 Unopened Vending Box (500)
It’s 1970, the Age of Aquarius still holds sway and peace and understanding cannot be far behind. Revisit an ostensibly gentler time as you search for rookie cards of Bubba Smith, Alan Page, Lem Barney and even O.J. Simpson, or nifty pasteboards of Bart Starr, Gale Sayers and Fran Tarkenton, all part of the first Topps issue of the decade. This lot includes an LOA from Auctions stating that the box was pulled from a sealed case and is guaranteed to be unsearched.

1972 Topps Football Series 1 Unopened Vending Box (500)
This is the toughest year in the whole decade to put together a Topps set, and it starts right off with Series One headliners like rookie cards of John Riggins, Archie Manning, Jim Plunkett, Ted Hendricks and L.C. Greenwood. Mix in chances at Hall of Famers Joe Namath, Gale Sayers and Roger Staubach and the winning bidder will thank the heavens for Topps’ timeless proclivity in frontloading so many stars in the first burst out of the gage. This lot includes an LOA from Auctions stating that the box was pulled from a sealed case and is guaranteed to be unsearched.

Lot of 2 1970 Topps Baseball Series 2 Cello Packs Graded PSA 9
From 1970 comes this two-item lot featuring a pair of unopened 1970 Topps Baseball cello packs graded PSA 9 Mint. One pack shows Al Santorini on top and Joseph Sparma on the back. The other pack features Duane Josephson on the top and Steven Hargan on the back.

Lot of 2 1975 Topps Baseball Cello Packs Graded PSA 9 – Jim Rice and Gary Carter RCs on top
The ultimate tease – unopened cello packs. This lot has two of them, from the 1975 Topps Baseball set. Both graded PSA 9 Mint, one pack (18) features a Jim Rice rookie as part of a 1975 Rookie Outfielders card that also includes Dave Augustine, Pepe Mangual and John Scott. The other cello pack features a Gary Carter rookie on top as part of a 1975 Rookie Catchers-Outfielders card that also includes Marc Hill, Danny Meyer and Leon Roberts.

1978 Topps Football Unopened Cello Box (24 packs)
In some circumstances, being tightly wrapped can have its shortcomings, but not when it comes to 24 stunning Topps cello packs from 31 years ago. If you hold them up to your ear you can almost hear the gum screaming for some relief from seals so perfect they should be at the San Diego Zoo. When/if the winning bidders carefully opens these, the yield could include rookie cards of John Stallworth and Tony Dorsett or other folks like Walter Payton, Roger Staubach and Steve Largent. Please release me, let me go …

1970-71 Topps Basketball Unopened Pack Graded GAI 9.5 – with Oscar Robertson on back
Does this unopened 1970-71 Topps Basketball wax pack hold a Pete Maravich rookie? You might be hard-pressed to find out since ithe unopened pack is graded GAI 9.5 Gem Mint. Another gem: you can see the back card in the pack and it’s Oscar Robertson.

1976-77 Topps Hockey Unopened Wax Box (36)
One of the cool Topps issues from the mid-1970s, the lot features a 36-count box of pristine unopened wax packs. Bubble gum may not handle the three decades-plus all that well, but the packs certainly did, and the box shows only minimal wear, perhaps from somebody peeking in every couple of years as the impluse to open is alternately entertained and yet ultimately rejected. With that lucky course of events, the winning bidder will have a crack at shiny new rookie cards of Bryan Trottier and Dennis Maruk, to say nothing of a spectacular card of a pretty fair non-rookie: Bobby Orr. Ready, set, rip!

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