Auctions Sale – Last Day To Bid – Closes December 9

There are so many unique niches in the upcoming Auction sale, you really have to grab a catalog and see it for yourself. From Babe Ruth to Sonny Liston, all of the big names across all of the major sports are here, spilling into entertainment and the music world as well.  Highlights include signed license plates from athletes from all sports, along with celebrities; a top-notch vintage-card selection that happens to include 18 more Al Demaree Die-Cuts and a 1910 E103 Williams Caramels Honus Wagner PSA 2; complete baseball sets from 1954, 1955 and 1957; a game-used bat collection with Elston Howard and Bobby Richardson; a signed boxing collection that is among the best you’ll ever find and a certain King of Pop’s signed fedora. In several key categories, this sale represents “our best offering to date,” said Steve Bloedow, director of auctions. “The game-used bats and boxing items are very strong, and we expect them to do well.” The auction  ends today,  Dec 9, 2010 (  Bid now!