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Memory Lane Inc.
12831 Newport Ave # 180. Tustin, CA 92780

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Consignment Fee: 0% – 15% Buyer’s Premium: 17.5%

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Memory Lane Our reputation in the hobby as a Top Dealer is an advantage to Consigners. With our name behind your card or memorabilia our auctions get the attention of the widest audience of collectors in the hobby. CONSIGNER BENEFITS-Cash Advances – High Selling Values – Professional Fulfillment Service to Buyers – No Hidden Fees or Charges to Concigners or Buyers – Proven Auction Systems. We operate flawless auctions using custom developed auction software that guarantees bidders participation right up to the auction close. Consignment Fees are 10% which will be lowered for special unique collections.

Memory Lane is one of the leading Dealers of Sports Collectibles in the country. Our staff has over 50 combined years of collecting experience and knowledge. Memory Lane has built its reputation on providing impeccable service to all kinds of Collectors and Sellers big or small. We treat each Collector needs individually and confidentially regardless of the size of their collection or needs.