Consign to Paragon Auctions 2012 Auctions

Paragon Auctions is seeking consignments for our 2012 catalog and internet auctions. Contact us at or call us at (732) 261-9355 to cosign today. Paragon reinvented auctions by eliminating the percentage-based fees that can consume more than 25% of the value of your consignment. You pay only one fee, ranging from $125 for a one-eighth page listing to $1,000 for a full-page listing. Whether your lot sells for $1,000 or $1,000,000.

Our clients are particularly interested in purchasing: Game-used baseball, football and basketball jerseys Game-used bats from Hall of Famers and stars Rings and awards Pre-1970 high-grade cards and complete sets Single-signed and team-signed baseballs.

Tired of auction companies charging you fees? Let Paragon Auctions represent your treasured collection and help keep money in your pockets.
Paragon Auctions consignors pay ZERO consignment commission fees. Just one low flat rate reserves a place in our auction catalog:

  • 1/6 Page Color Catalog w/ Photos & Detailed Item Description (max. 1 items)……$200.00
  • 1/4 Page Color Catalog w/ Photos & Detailed Item Description (max. 2 items)……$275.00
  • 1/2 Page Color Catalog w/ Photos & Detailed Item Description (max. 4 items)……$525.00
  • Full Page Color Catalog w/ Photos & Detailed Item Description (max. 9 items)……$1000.00
View some highlights from our previous auction hereStill not convinced Paragon Auctions will not exceed 100 pages of auction items in our catalog. This eliminates items from getting lost in the auction.Still not convinced with Paragon Auctions we do not have the standard rule that you can only bid on lots that you bid on before 9PM the night of the auction. With Paragon Auctions clients can bid on any lot in the entire auction after 10PM as long as they have placed one bid on any item before 10PM the night of the auction. What this does is allows bidders to bid on any lot in the entire auction and that is more money in your pocket.Need another reason? Your flat rate fee consists of full page, half-page, quarter page, and one-sixth page options. Pick the rate and catalog page size that is right for your item, and your budget. Where else can you have the opportunity to sell a $100,000 dollar item for $1,000 on a full page. Don’t have your item squeezed and lost among hundreds of items at another auction house’s discretion, know exactly what you’re getting. Items will be displayed in our full-color catalog exactly how you prefer. Payment is taken after the auction.