Consign to Paragon Auctions February 25, 2019 Auction – Deadline January 24th

Be a part of our February 25, 2019 auction & consign with Paragon Auctions.  Calling all consignors! We’re busy preparing our next auction. Now is the time to add your consignments to our next auction, we’re looking for all major sports memorabilia, game used, vintage trading card sets, graded cards, autographs, championship rings, and awards.

We’re often asked, what’s the difference between these BIG auction houses and smaller boutique auction house like ours? Big auction houses are great if you’re interested in your lots competing against 2,000 other lots and/or if you’d like your items competing against other consignors material in the same auction (i.e. – an auction offering 25 different Babe Ruth single signed baseballs or an auction house offering a half a dozen 1952 Topps Mickey Mantle cards).

Now, we would never tell you where to consign your treasured items, but at we pledge to our clients that we will keep our auction to no more than 500 lots per auction. This way your items do not get lost in a vast sea of sports memorabilia. Our bidders will not become overwhelmed with an overabundance of choices.

We specialize in game used bats, game used jerseys, NASCAR, trophies, rings, graded cards, and autographs. We offer one free LOA on consigned autographs and game used bats. Please ask for more details.  We also are looking for collections and offer finder fees on collections or single items.  Our customer service is second-to-none and we treat our consignors like we would like to be treated and will always be willing to work with you on your items.

We are currently looking for:
  • Game used equipment from Hall of Fame players or stars in any sport.
  • Championship awards from any sport.
  • Single-signed baseballs or team-signed.
  • Pre-1969 baseball cards or sets.


  • We offer one of the best consignment rates in the hobby.
  • We start paying consignors in 21 days after the close of the auction.
  • No duplication of items.
  • Customer service: we treat your collection as if it was ours and live by the golden rule – treat others as you want to be treated.
  • Auction Letter of Authenticity (ALOA) provided at no charge for all autographed items or game used bat authentications; saving you, in turn, hundreds to thousands of dollars!

There is also no charge on LOA’s unless you want a full letter or your bat graded, then you will be charged what we are charged.   Any questions please call Keith Vari at 732-261-9355 or email

Please visit our website at:
We are not the typical auction house as we only take items we feel we will get you top dollar for as we know what we do best with. With Paragon it is not all about the money, it is customer service and making sure consignors are happy.

We are seeking:

  • Vintage Sports Cards
  • Game Used Jerseys
  • Game Used Bats
  • Awards and Jewelry
  • Game Used and Awards From Basketball and Football

Individual lot consignments we try to keep a value over $500 and higher.

Consigning to Paragon is Simple
You can either Email us at with a description of the item you would like to consign and if you have photos that would help in Paragon give you a more precise value. Please include your contact information and we will call you back. If we agree on you consigning with Paragon we will send you a contract to sign and you can send your item to Paragon with the signed contract.

We have specialized in selling items/collections fresh to the hobby as these seem to do 25%-50% better than if your items are sold individually.
The auction is an online auction and you will be able to view your consignments throughout the auction. We will also email you your descriptions for you to review before the auction starts.

We also Purchase items Outright
Some clients do not want to wait for the auction and just want to sell outright.  We are always purchasing items outright for private sales or for the auction. We have purchased single items and collections from many high profile players including Tony Dorsett, Tim Brown, Horace Grant and Deion Sanders family member.

If you have items for sale or are looking for appraisals please contact us. We will make a fair offer that will make everybody happy.  Please contact us with any questions – including free appraisals. Check out our website for more information at


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