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To partner with an auction house dedicated to maximizing the value of your material and serving your needs as a consignor, call our Consignment Director Jeff Marren directly at (773) 612-0918 or visit our web site! We are accepting consignments for all 2023 Auctions! Our robust yearly auction schedule provides maximum flexibility and cash flow for consignors, and enables us to offer LARGE collections with a multi-event strategy. We’re in Nashville and Memphis This Week Taking Consignments for Our August Elvis and September Sports and Rock and Roll Auctions.

Consign to our 2023 Sports, Rock & Roll and Entertainment Auctions:

  • AUGUST 14 The Auction on Elvis Presley BLVD. in Memphis, Tennessee – LIVE Auction of 100 Select Artifacts from Life and Career of Elvis Presley
  • SEPTEMBER 7 Rock & Roll and Entertainment Auction
  • SEPTEMBER 8 Sportscards, Autographs and MemorAbailia Auction
  • DECEMBER 14 Rock & Roll and Entertainment Auction
  • DECEMBER 15 Sportscards, Autographs and Memorabailia Auction
  • JANUARY 2024 The Auction on Elvis Presley BLVD. in Memphis, Tennessee – LIVE Auction of 100 Select Artifacts from Life and Career of Elvis Presley

Call (773) 612-0918 or e-mail us at to set up an appointment to review your collection, discuss the auction process and see how we will MAXIMIZE THE VALUE of your material with presentation in our auction events.

CONSIGN TODAY TO OUR  2023  SPORTS, Elvis and ROCK & ROLL, ENTERTAINMENT AND AMERICANA AUCTION. Call Rockhurst Auctions Owner Jeff Marren directly at (773) 612-0918

  • 15% Consignment Rate – Consignors pay a flat rate, with no hidden fees.
  • Special Consignment Rates – For collections valued at $100,000 or more, we are currently offering extremely aggressive consignment rates.
  • 15% Buyer’s Premium – With a much more reasonable buyer’s premium, one of the lowest in the industry, bidders are encouraged to bid more aggressively – that means more money goes to consignors!
  • Presentation to a HUGE Audience – In a Rockhurst auction event, your material will be presented to more than 25,000 advanced collectors of Sports Memorabilia, Rock & Roll artifacts, Hollywood and TV Memorabilia, Historical Documents, Autographs, Vintage Toys and Original Photographs. These collectors have spent more than $250,000,000 on fine collectibles.
  • Enhanced Online Presentation – Rockhurst Auctions presents your fine memorabilia in our state-of-the-art online auction environment with added content like video and audio elements to further entice bidders and create the bidding momentum that drives prices to meet your expectations.

Rockhurst events provide consignors the perfect opportunity to offer their fine Sports Memorabilia and Americana to a unique group of tens of thousands of serious collectors. From research and authentication to customer service, presentation, and fulfillment, each step of the process is infused with a singularity of purpose: our consignor’s success is our success. We are only satisfied with this partnership when our consignor’s expectations are met—when the value of their material is maximized.

Our experts bring their considerable experience to bear on ensuring the proper presentation of your fine collectibles, whether we are offering Sports Memorabilia, Rock and Roll artifacts, Hollywood & TV Memorabilia, Historical Documents, Autographs, Vintage Toys, Original Photographs or almost anything anyone collects at the highest levels.

We will scour through your vintage sports card and non-sports sets and groups and let you know what needs to be graded, what needs to be broken out and sold separately, and what doesn’t. By developing a comprehensive and appropriate grading strategy for your cards, Rockhurst Auctions maximizes the value of your card collection.

It’s been our experience over the past 20-plus years in the auction business that authentication is the cornerstone of every significant offering. Too often material is presented with background information that is severely lacking. It’s an unfortunate condition in our industry. And while some material arrives well connected to its source with perfect provenance, the vast majority of the items come down through history with much finer bonds—bonds that require strengthening by dogged pursuit of the details. That’s how Rockhurst Auctions distinguishes itself.

Bidders trust in our unceasing efforts towards the authentication and provenance of the collectibles we offer. We invest countless resources and dollars to ensure the the material we offer is authentic, working with several third party firms to provide Letters of Authenticity and proper documentation. This deep sense of trust and credibility produces the kind of vigorous bidding momentum that defines a Rockhurst Auctions event.

Consigning is simple.

Standard Consignment Agreement
Once we have spoken to your about your material and discussed the values and consignment terms, you will receive our standard consignment agreement. The paperwork can be printed, signed and shipped with your material, or signed digitally through our secure online DocuSign account. With DocuSign, we both receive the executed agreement via email, with no need to print.

We’ll Come to You!
We will travel to you to review your significant collection. Our Consignment Director has visited collectors all over the country to secure fine collectibles for our auctions.

Ship your material
Ship your material to our offices for final evaluation. We strongly suggest using FedEx or UPS for shipping, as both companies provide ample tracking capabilities and insurance options for your items. Once in our possession, your material is fully coverd by Rockhurst’s coprporate insurance. While 95% of material is shipped to us, you are more than welcome to come to our offices for a review of your fine collectibles. Ship to:

Rockhurst Auctions

1512 N Fremont Street 
STE 204
Chicago IL 60642
(773) 612-0918

Paid Within 30 Days
When the auction begins, you will be included in all marketing efforts and can follow the bidding progress on our website. And within 30 days after the auction concludes you will receive payment, either via check or direct deposit into your bank account.

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All-Star Cards: June 18 - July 9
JG Autographs: June 20 - July 11
RR Auction: June 23 - July 12
Heritage Auctions: June 23 - July 14-15
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