Consignments Wanted – April 24th Deadline, 2020 MEARS Online Auctions

MEARS Auctions is aggressively seeking items for our April 24th, 2020 Sports & Pop Culture Auction. Since our inception in 2008, MEARS Online Auctions has sold over $30,000,000 in authentic collectibles and memorabilia. Our business model caters to collectors of all tastes, budgets, and collection sizes.

During our history in the auction, we have continued to offer collectors high graded game worn jerseys & game used bats, authenticated autographs, programs, Type 1 photos, memorabilia, and collections that originated direct from players, league officials, and generational family collections. MEARS Auctions truly has something for every budget, with items starting at $10.00 and completed sales of 1920-21 Babe Ruth New York Yankees H&B Louisville Slugger Professional Model Game Used Bat (MEARS A10) – Finest Example of Personal Game Use Traits Extant! Sold for $498,000.

Since 2008, we have processed collection of all sizes. Whether it be a singled signed Sandy Koufax baseball or a semi truck of Type 1 photographs direct from a newspaper archive, the professional staff at MEARS can process collections big and small at our 15,000 square foot auction headquarters.

The fact we have had success selling collections of all sizes and price ranges is a big attraction to MEARS bidders. At MEARS Auctions, we rarely say no to a consignment. We treat all collector with respect, and due our best to feature your item in a professional manner. At MEARS Auctions we often hear how grateful consignors are for the fact that we don’t “cherry pick” there collections. You can bring one item or a truck load to us, or we can send our auction team to your house (once it is clear again) to pick up your collection.

During these difficult times, collectors look to MEARS Online Auctions for a pleasant distraction or help in raising cash for their collection. We will remain open do our best to help you sell your collection. For an example of prices realized and types of items we are seeking, I listed a thumbnail of some highlights:

Green Bay Packers: 1944-1945 Bob Kahler / Russ Mosley Green Bay Packers Game Worn Sweater – Sourced From Dominic Gentile ($2,585), 1929-1943 Curly Lambeau Green Bay Packers Game Worn Shoes ($28,024), 1946-1948 Tony Canadeo Green Bay Packers Game Worn Jersey ($59,121), 1922 Curly Lambeau Signed Yearbook ($3,384), 1929 Green Bay Packers World Championship Watch ($4,096), 1962-1963 Jerry Kramer Green Bay Packers Game Worn Road Jersey MEARS A9 ($59,121).

Kobe Bryant Memorabilia: Kobe memorabilia is red hot. We are looking for game worn jerseys, shoes, and autographs. Previous MEARS Auctions sales include 1997-1998 Kobe Bryant Adidas Sneakers (Sold $6,680), 2004-2005 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Road Jersey MEARS A10 (Sold $17,344), and 2007-2008 Kobe Bryant Los Angeles Lakers Home Jersey MEARS A10 (Sold $18,678).

Pulp Magazine & Comic Books: MEARS Auctions as bought at sold over $250,000 worth of vintage Comic and Vintage Pulp Magazines. We are aggressively seeking high grade Pulp Magazine and Comics, Saucy Tales, “The Shadow”, Dr. Savage, Buck Rogers, Early Tarzan, and other 1930-1940s titles.

1970s Vintage Toys: MEARS Auctions has purchased over $350,000 worth of vintage 1970s high grade toys. Six Million Dollar Man, Mego, Planet of the Apes, Captain Action, and any High Grade Action Figures and MIB playsets.

Kathy Coleman (VP of Pop Culture & Special Events): MEARS is both excited and proud to announce a very special addition to our staff. Recently, Kathy Coleman, the star of the 1974-1976 Saturday Morning TV Show “Land of the Lost”, became our VP of Pop Culture and Special events. MEARS Auctions is the first auction house in the business to boast a real live Saturday Morning TV show star to be available to meet consignors and plan some very special events. “Holly” will be developing a series of 1970s TV related auctions and will personally be available to meet collectors while serving as a consignment director.

In house for April: We are inviting to you join us for our April auction. Currently in house we have a fresh to the hobby baseball publication collection that spans to the turn of the century, NBA jersey collection feature many hard to find styles and players, and baseball flannels, knits, & autographs from a 60+ year old collection.
Please contact Troy R. Kinunen at (414)-828-9990 or email for a free appraisal of your collection.

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