Consignments Wanted: Autographs, Sports Cards, Game Worn, Memorabilia, Non Sports

Do you have items to consign to an upcoming auction?  The companies on Auction Report are always accepting consignments!  Read the latest consignments news and see which company would be best for your material.  Check out what consignments are wanted and deadlines for the following companies:


Quality memorabilia and trading cards are currently being accepted for Heritage Auctions August 2, 2012  Vintage Sports Collectibles Platinum Night Signature Auction, expected to be the most visible hobby event of the Summer. With over 700,000 registered members of our website and consistent national media exposure in newspapers, television and the front page of Yahoo, Heritage delivers the largest possible bidding clientele for every lot we sell, with dozens of world record prices to prove it!  Limited Space Available! Call 800 872-6467 Today!

 Collect Auctions June 9 consignment deadline is quickly approaching so please call now to consign items to Collect Auctions.   The auction ends Aug. 9 and we will be previewing key items from this auction at the National in Baltimore  (Aug. 1-5).   Call us at 888-463-3063 or email at to consign. Collect Auctions is looking for the following items: high-grade vintage sports cards, vintage sports card sets, autographed sports cards and sets, game-used items, Babe Ruth items, trophies/awards/rings, autographs from all sports, entertainment, presidential and historical signatures, gold and silver coins, along with many other items.

Mile High Card Co is Accepting Consignments in Long Beach May 31st through June 2, 2012. We are accepting consignments for our 2012 Auction Lineup.    We are seeking exceptionally high grade PSA & SGC cards, pre-war rarities, PSA & SGC Completely Graded Sets, 19th Century cards, Game-used jerseys and bats as well as vintage Type I Photographs and high end autographed items.  Call Brian at 303-748-1371 or Andy at 805-657-0533 to make an appointment.   Read more about our “Consignor Incentive Loyalty Program.”

Consign to Memory Lane Inc’s Next Own It Now Sale and Summer 20012 Auction! Memory Lane Inc is actively buying and accepting consignments.  Get results from the fastest growing company in the hobby. We are accepting sports cards and memorabilia, including graded cards, unopened wax, game used jereseys, and much more. Call us today at 888-606-5263. If you know cards – You know Memory Lane Auction! Our reputation in the hobby as a Top Dealer is an advantage to Consigners. With our name behind your card or memorabilia our auctions get the attention of the widest audience of collectors in the hobby.

Paragon Auctions consignors pay ZERO consignment commission fees. Just one low flat rate reserves a place in our auction catalog! NO BUYER’S PREMIUMS – FLAT-RATE CONSIGNOR FEES!   We are always accepting consignments, appraisals, and buying items.  Many great items already consigned!  Just one low flat rate reserves a place in our auction catalog! NO BUYER’S PREMIUMS – FLAT-RATE CONSIGNOR FEES!!! We are accepting consignments for our upcoming 2012  auctions. Paragon Auctions consignors pay ZERO consignment commission fees.

SCP Auctions, one of the nation’s largest auctioneers and private sellers of important sports memorabilia and cards, is a leader in the industry. The company’s consistency and knowledge have helped maintain SCP Auctions’ stellar reputation as a dominant figure in the sports memorabilia world, and it is highly visible throughout the industry. We are currently accepting consignments for our next monthly auction.

MEARS Auctions next auction runs from June 22-J30, 2012. We are still accepting quality consignments. 2012 marks our best first quarter ever, and we want you to be a part of our growing success.

 Legendary Auctions 4th Annual Summer Sports Memorabilia Live Auction Event is scheduled for Friday, August 3, 2012,  in Baltimore, MD.  This event is limited to 100 premium lots.  Featured is perhaps the most important game used bat in existence, Honus Wagner’s Original Sidewritten Bat Used to Produce the Very First Hillerich & Bradsby Signature Model Bat in History.  The event already boasts some truly extraordinary cards, autographs and memorabilia.  Offerings are limited to 100 premium lots,  so please don’t hesitate to contact us to consign as the sale is growing fast! Call us today at (708) 889-9380 or visit

Featured Auctions

(*) Indicates Auction in Progress
(*) REA: April 2 - April 18
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 2 - April 19
(*) JG Autographs: April 14 - April 20
(*) Steve Novella: April 14 - April 20
(*) Clean Sweep Auctions: March 19-April 21-22
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 6 - April 21-22
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 1 - April 22
(*) NBA Auctions: April 1 - April 22
(*) RR Auction: April 15 - April 22
(*) Sirius Sports Cards: April 12 - April 22
(*) Gott Have Rock & Roll: April 14 - April 23
(*) Bagger's Auctions: April 14 - April 24
(*) Goldin Auctions: April 8 - April 24
(*) Pristine Auction: April 1 - April 25
(*) Auction of Champions: April 14 - April 26
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 12 - April 26
JG Autographs: April 21 - April 27
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 14 - April 28-29
Iconic Auctions: April 22 - April 29
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 9 - April 29
(*) NBA Auctions: April 8 - April 29
Detroit City Sports Auction: April 21 - May 1
MEARS Auctions: April 23 - May 1
Kevin Savage Cards: April 19 - May 3
JG Autographs: April 28 - May 4
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 15 - May 6
(*) NBA Auctions: April 15 - May 6
Rockhurst Auctions: April 26 - May 6
Sirius Sports Cards: April 26 - May 6
Sterling Sports: April 22 - May 6
VSA Auctions: April 19 - May 6
(*) Heritage Auctions: April 12 - May 6-8
The Collector Connection: April 21 - May 9
Auction of Champions: April 28 - May 10
JG Autographs: May 5- May 11
RR Auction: April 23 - May 12
Kevin Savage Cards: April 26 - May 12-13
NBA Auctions: April 22 - May 13
Pristine Auction: May 1 - May 30
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