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Consignments Wanted for December 2016 MEARS Holiday Auction

MEARS Auction of Memorabilia and More Ends December 3, 2016Satisfied consignors and successful bidders are continuing to support the ever popular MEARS Monthly Auction. With the highest standards applied to the authentication process, advanced marketing graphics and presentation, monthly sales format, record setting prices realized, and lightning fast 30 day consignor payment, collectors are exalting the virtues of the MEARS Auction format.

“Our business model is simple”, states company President Troy R. Kinunen. “We work very hard to accurately research, authenticate, grade and market our customers’ items. We have seen a recent trend where items that have sold at other venues are bringing a premium in our auction. Our marketing and authentication/grading is creating proven results. Couple that fact with our lightning fast 30 days consignor payments, and we continue to have very happy customers.”

Consignors have also commented on the customized marketing their items receive at MEARS Auctions. Kinunen continued, “At MEARS Auctions we work with the customer to market their item. Sure, some consignors don’t have a clue about what they have. It might have been an item in an estate they are responsible to liquidate. In those cases, we provide a free consultation with respect to rarity, value, authenticity, and potential market value. We can provide a full service experience.” Kinunen also noted that many collectors are very knowledgeable about their collection. “MEARS Auctions is happy to work with our consignors to participate in the auction experience. If you have been collecting a team or player, I am sure you can add pertinent information to the cataloging of your item. We encourage collectors to send in photos that support their item, provide historical date, or provenance. When you consign with MEARS, it is YOUR item. Although we are experts, we are never too big to not listen to our valued customers”, Kinunen explained.

Many collectors have noticed and commented on the extra graphics and marketing provided by MEARS Auctions. Unlike other venues, your item will never get lost in a MEARS Auction. MEARS will work hard to feature your item and provide supporting graphics to highlight your item. To promote our customers’ items, we create graphic driven auction homepages, individual lot graphics, and customized featured stories which appear on the homepage. Your lots are also supported by media coverage, social media links, and paid online banner ads. This coupled with the 30 year old MEARS customer database; we guarantee that your item will receive maximum exposure which will guarantee you TOP DOLLAR for your memorabilia.

When speaking to our buyers during the past several months, they all echoed the same sentiment; they WANT TO BUY QUALITY ITEMS and PAY TOP DOLLAR. We are especially seeking All Flannel Game Worn Jerseys, 1970s Knit HOFer and Star jerseys, NBA Jerseys from All Eras, Jersey with provenance, and Michael Jordan items. In addition, we need jerseys and bats from all teams, leagues, and price levels.

We are also in constant demand for autographs, vintage memorabilia; game used bats, all game worn jerseys, New York Yankees / Giants / Dodgers Memorabilia, Pennants, Collections, Accumulations, and Warehouse contents.

Proven Results – Over $30,000,000 in Sales

With our growing success, MEARS Auction is no longer the “new kid on the block”. Company president Troy R. Kinunen has been a full time professional dealer since 1988 and has tallied over $30,000,000 in sales. Many of the hobby’s most significant finds and treasures have been brokered by Kinunen. The hobby’s biggest collectors, Museums, Professional Athletes, Entertainers, and Major League owners all constitute his client list. All of the aforementioned have one thing in common- They Are Looking To Buy Quality Merchandise

Past prices realized at MEARS Auctions validate our claim that we are achieving some of the strongest prices in the industry. This is just a sample of our higher ended sales. We have set records for jersey from the 1960/70/80’s time frame. Amazing at it seems there are more bidders of these types of items now than when we first sold them; meaning prices of similar items are most likely to be higher than these record setting sales. Documented examples include:

  • Game Worn Glove Collection: $71,953.00
  • 1921 Babe Ruth Louisville Slugger Game Used Bat $425,000
  • 1920s Lou Gehrig Louisville Slugger Game Used Bat $225,000
  • 1925 Ty Cobb Louisville Slugger Game Used Bat $133,300
  • 1965 Hank Aaron Milwaukee Braves Game Worn Jersey $104,765
  • 1969 Ernie Banks Chicago Cubs Game Worn Jersey $168,728
  • 1966 Green Bay Packers Team Signed Football (Bart Starr’s Personal Ball) $50,000 (Private Sale)
  • 1931 Green Bay Packers Team Signed Football $13,317
  • 1936 Green Bay Packers Team Signed Football $8,892
  • 1946-48 Tony Canadeo Green Bay Packers Game Worn Jersey $53,502
  • 1970-72 Joe Namath New York Jets Game Worn Jersey $37,230
  • 1961-62 Jim Brown Cleveland Browns Game Worn Jersey $61,212
  • 1982 Nolan Ryan Houston Astros Game Worn Jersey $17,932
  • Paul Muchinsky Green Bay Packers Pinback Button Collection $9.823

At MEARS Auctions, all of our prices realized are archived on our website. The actual price that the item sold is posted. We do not inflate pricing or list items that did not actually sell.

It is our goal to make our December Auction a spectacular event. To do so, we need the help of our consignors. If you are looking for a free appraisal, market evaluation, or marketing strategy, please contact Troy R. Kinunen at (414)-828-9990 or email . For special items, we offer cash advances, free authentication and grading, and as always, 30 day consignor payments. Although we focused on some of the highlights in this message, no collection is too big or small. Let MEARS know what you have; we can find your collection a new home.

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