Consignments Wanted for MEARS 2013 Auctions

Game Used Bats Wanted: All 3,000 hit club members, 500 HR club members, HOFers, New York Yankees, etc, from minor stars to Hall of Fame players. Especially looking for vault marked examples, side written examples, and bats with provenance. For those that qualify, all bats will be graded and evaluated by MEARS, free of charge. Immediate need for high grade Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Mickey Mantle, Jimmie Foxx, Mel Ott, Joe DiMaggio, Ty Cobb, Charlie Gehrigner, etc game used bats.

Game Worn Jerseys Wanted: ABA, NBA, NFL, MLB (Flannel and Knit) & College. Especially looking for Hall of Fame Players, super stars, commons, rare styles, 500 Homerun Club members, 3,000 Hit Club Members, New York Yankees, New York Giants, Milwaukee Braves, Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs, Philadelphia Phillies, all major baseball teams, Vintage or modern, Green Bay Packers, Chicago Bears, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, all major NFL teams, Michael Jordan, Julius Dr. J Erving, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain, Etc.

-Paying $2,000,000+ for all original Babe Ruth New York Yankees Home Jersey
-Paying up to $500,000 for all original Mickey Mantle New York Yankees Home Jersey
-Paying up to $2,000,000+ for all original Lou Gehrig New York Yankees Home Jersey
-Paying up to $750,000 for all original Jackie Robinson Brooklyn Dodgers Home Jersey
-Paying up to $100,000 for all original Bill Terry New York Giants Home Jersey

Will pay a large premium for event specific jerseys or items with impeccable provenance. Jerseys with direct provenance are bringing record prices- consign now!

Sports Cards: Singles, PSA/SGC graded cards, unopened cases, unopened packs, unopened boxes, uncut sheets, regional sets, Johnson Cookies, Spic & Span, complete sets, partial sets, lots, all major brands and companies. Although high grade card are always in demand, our customers pay aggressive prices for mid-grade, low grade, and ungraded cards.

Memorabilia: Leather football helmets, antique sporting equipment, gloves, batting gloves, shoes, spikes, game used baseballs, game used footballs, game used basketballs, boxing gloves, pennants, Hartland statues, nodders, bobbing head dolls, ashtrays, candy dishes, trophies, cigar boxes, advertising signs & posters, pinback buttons, flags, store displays, etc. Especially looking for:

-Jim Thorpe
-Red Grange
-Babe Ruth
-Mickey Mantle
-Lou Gehrig

We have an immediate need for 19th century baseball memorabilia, bats, ball, and uniforms.

Also, early 19th century football memorabilia needed. 4-spoke helmets, 8 spoke helmets, rain caps, executioner helmet, nose guards, union suits, early footballs, etc.

Muhammad Ali / Cassius Clay: fight worn robes, training equipment, gloves, shoes, headgear, onsite posters, vintage autographs, etc.

With our monthly internet auctions, we have an immediate need for collection of all sizes.

Whether it be a personal collection, storage unit, or even a warehouse, MEARS Auctions can sell it for top dollar. We have launched an increased marketing campaign, which has added 3,000,000 new viewers to our website. And keeping with tradition, collected monies will be paid to you in 30 days or less

Benefits of consigning with MEARS Auctions:

Cash Advances Available
Fast Payment (30 days or less)
Free game used bat / game worn jersey authentication for select items
A word about your autographed items

MEARS Auctions wants to work with you to share your autograph collecting experience.

With the continued popularity of autograph collecting, MEARS Auctions is answering the demands of our bidders to offer more autographs in our monthly auctions. Our customers have told us they are willing to spend top dollar for quality, authenticated autographs from all fields.

Our monthly auction allows us to efficiently process and market your collection in a timely basis, which allows us to pay our consignors in 30 days or less. Cash advances are available.

Additionally, we will work close with you to help us tell the special story behind your autographed item. Did you have to wait in the rain for 4 hours to get an autograph? One of our customers used to trade player smoked fish for autographs. The stories make autograph collecting enjoyable, let us help you share them with our bidders.

If you have a unique experience, share it with us and we will incorporate into our write up. Too often other auction house create a disconnect between your autograph experience and the auction description.

At MEARS, we have found that the personal nature of the autograph hunt when properly chronicled will help realize greater prices at auction. We are never too busy to help share your special autograph story and help you maximize the value of your collection. After all, you worked hard to build your collection.

We are aggressively seeking autographs for our next auction. Needed are:
Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Mickey Mantle, Ty Cobb, Christy Mathewson, Joe DiMaggio, Cy Young, Jimmie Foxx, Mel Ott, etc.

Team Signed Baseballs
Vintage HOFers
Modern HOFers
Theme repeated pieces: 300 wins, 500 HR’s, 3,000 hits, rookie debut, World Series MVP’s, or any other theme, we are interested
Signed 3×5, government postcards, cuts, album pages, signed trading cards
Signed photos, documents, checks, contracts, letters
Autograph collections of all sorts. Modern era, vintage, Sports, History, Political, Entertainment, ETC.
Football: Any HOFers or early stars, commons, or team signed items
Basketball: Any HOFers or early stars, commons, or team signed
Entertainment, Music, History, Political
Especially looking for

Abraham Lincoln
Elvis Presley
• Marilyn Monroe

This is just a partial list. If it is autographed, MEARS WANTS IT.

No collection too big or too small. For a free appraisal, please contact Troy R. Kinunen (414)-828-9990 or call


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