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Correction to Mastro Auctions – Guide for Prospective Bidders

Please Note two errors in the front of the Mastro Auctions current printed catalog that were reprinted from a prior edition. In the “Guide for Prospective Bidders” under the “Jerseys” section, the text lists PSA/DNA as being engaged in the authentication of game used jerseys. This is not the case- PSA/DNA does not offer this service and has not been engaged to perform this function for this auction. This text was printed by mistake. The text for that paragraph should have read:

Jerseys – Mastro Auctions provides our own LOAs for all game used Jerseys. Behind these LOAs is most targeted and comprehensive authentication process in the business. For each auction we assemble a team of experts that will work together to examine all of our game used jerseys. No individual names will be associated with this work based on the fact that we will only offer items where the team unanimously deems the item to be authentic.

Also, in the “Terms and Conditions of Sale” under number “2”, it states that the extended bidding starts at 11 PM Central Time. That paragraph should have read: At 10:00 PM Central Time, the 30 Minute Rule starts and EACH lot will close individually after that lot goes 30 minutes with no new bids.

The Rules displayed on the website are correct. You can review these at

We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.

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