Dave Steinberger Named VP of Customer Experience at Collectors Universe

Collectors Universe, parent company of Professional Coin Grading Service (www.PCGS.com) and Professional Sports Authenticator (www.PSAcard.com), is pleased to announce the hiring of Dave Steinberger to the company ranks. A longtime collector and customer of PSA, Steinberger was just named the organization’s first Vice President of Customer Experience. The position brings with it many varied responsibilities and Steinberger’s unique combination of past business experience and vast collecting knowledge makes him a perfect fit at Collectors Universe.

“I’m coming in with eyes wide open to the challenges and opportunities facing PSA and the third-party grading business as a whole,” he said. “As the industry leader, PSA has an opportunity to strengthen its relationship with collectors. The collecting community wants it, expects it, and deserves it. Increased transparency. Better communication. Improved turnaround times. PSA is committed to understanding the needs of its customers and delivering a better experience for collectors.”

Over the course of a career than spans executive roles in marketing, advertising, research and general management, Steinberger brings veteran insight in several key areas including customer care and brand health. His initial emphasis at PSA will be to develop communication strategies for identified customer issues and to expand communications content in order to establish a more pervasive brand presence.

“My excitement is two-fold,” he said. “First, I am humbled to have found what I consider to be a dream job, especially given the current state of the world. I’m also excited as a collector as I’ve been a loyal customer and fan of PSA for over 20 years.”

PSA President Steve Sloan said: “Dave will be a shared resource between PCGS and PSA tasked with the mission of improving our customer communications and overall customer experience.

“As it relates to PSA, we cannot solve these issues overnight, but we can improve how we manage expectations, communicate updates and act on feedback we receive from our customers. This is where Dave comes in and I’m excited for what’s to come.”

Steinberger is a seasoned hobbyist who has built an extensive Hall of Fame rookie card collection of baseball, football, basketball and hockey cards. A native New Yorker who grew up in New York City – “not far from Shea Stadium” – Steinberger attended the University of Rochester where he earned both a BA in Economics and an MBA in Marketing.

“Growing up, baseball was my world, and I was all about the Mets,” he said. “I used to keep records of every player in history who hit over 100 home runs and would update the list every few weeks with my mom’s typewriter. I was a true baseball nerd.”

When it comes to matters of the heart, Steinberger is engaged to his future wife as they merge together into a family of six. An epiphany of sorts occurred last August when he was having a one-on-one conversation with his 18-year-old daughter, Emily, as she was getting settled at Syracuse University. Their heart-to-heart actually changed the course of hiscareer.

“I was giving her ‘the talk,’ the one about life and pursuing your dreams,” he said. “I was telling her to follow her passion and go after a career she was excited about. She looked at me and asked: ‘Is that what you did, Dad?’ And I had to tell her, ‘No, I never have.’

“Well, that conversation really left its mark on me. It’s amazing what we can learn from our children. Soon after that revelation I sent an email to Steve Sloan introducing myself as a passionate collector and seasoned executive who wants to help PSA deliver a more customer-centric experience to collectors. Fast forward another five months later and here we are.”

PSA is the world’s largest trading card, autograph and memorabilia authentication and grading service. Since 1991, PSA has examined and certified over 37 million collectibles with a combined value of over $1 billion. For more information, visit www.PSAcard.com.

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