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eBay’s First 0% Seller’s Commission Consignment Program For Significant Cards By Just Collect eBay’s Largest Consignment Seller

Just Collect (eBay ID: just_collect) is eBay’s largest consignment seller of vintage sports cards, and is pleased to offer eBay’s 1st 0% Seller’s Commission Consignment Program for Significant Cards.  For years, we have built our company and client base of 35,000 collectors by selling hundreds of high quality cards at no reserve auction every week.  This ‘start them low and let them go’ approach has garnered us an extremely strong clientele of buyers, and we thank you all for your support. Many of our consignors have asked us for a second consignment option — an opportunity to list high value cards at a Buy It Now price. In response to these requests, we are pleased to offer eBay’s 1st 0% Seller’s Commission Consignment Program, in addition to our traditional no reserve auctions.

In this program, collectors and dealers consign cards with a guaranteed price designated – either we sell the consigned card and the consignor receives his guaranteed price or we return the card.  There is no commission charged to the consignor at the time of sale – if the card sells, the consignor receives 100% of his guaranteed price.

Just Collect will advertise Buy It Now cards consigned through this program in many exciting ways:

–   Just Collect will feature its consigned cards in our weekly newsletters to our email list of over 35,000 collectors, the largest such mailing list in the hobby

–   Just Collect will create a specialized email featuring only your cards and send it to our email list

–  Just Collect will privately contact its best clients for particular cards and broker a private transaction

“We believe that our traditional no reserve model works best for 99% of the cards on the market.  However, for particularly significant, rare cards that are seldom traded, we can often realize a higher payment for our consignor by marketing the card as a Buy It Now over a period of time,” says Scott Greenwald, Co-President of Just Collect, Inc.  “Given the low upfront cost to the consignor, we recommend this service for cards where the consignor is seeking a guaranteed payment of $1,000 and up per card.  While we always welcome cards to sell at no reserve auction, this program allows collectors to sell their most important cards for top dollar with no risk.”

Just Collect will charge a nominal fee to list each card, create the customized marketing emails, and negotiate with buyers on your behalf.  Consignments of up to five Buy It Now cards are charged $100 per card, consignments of 6-12 Buy It Now cards are $75 per card, and consignments of 13-25 Buy it Now cards are $60 per card.  Collectors and dealers interested in consigning more than 25 Buy It Now cards should contact Just Collect for a custom quote.

If you are interested in consigning to eBay’s 1st 0% Seller’s Commission Consignment Program, please call Leighton or Scott at the Just Collect office at (732) 828-2261 or email or

Highlights of the Program:

–  Risk Free Consignments: You set the price you want for each card you consign, guaranteeing you are satisfied with your final payment when it sells.

–   Just Collect will advertise your cards to our email list of over 35,000 collectors.

–   You pay a flat fee of $60 to $100 per card with 0% Seller’s Commission!

Call (732) 828-2261 today to consign and ask for Scott or Leighton!

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