Eight T-206 Honus Wagner Tobacco Cards – $8,000,000 Worth of Baseball Cards

Memory Lane, Inc. was proud to assemble 8, yes that’s (8) T-206 Honus Wagner Tobacco Cards in one showing this month at the Long Beach Coin and Collectibles Expo. People came from all over the country just to get a glimpse, up close to $8,000,000 worth of baseball cards that almost never were printed.

If you build it, they will come. With Honus Wagner not being a fan of smoking, he demanded that his likeness not be used on any cards going into tobacco packs. With about 50 printed and out the door, the printing was seized but some of these back in the early 1900’s did make it out the door.


At Memory Lane, Inc., we are very proud to be the company to have sold many of these Wagner cards that have surfaced in our hobby over the years. For the fans and customers who couldn’t make it, here’s a look at the T-206 Honus Wagner cards we displayed at the show, and at one of Honus Wagner’s game used jerseys as well.

Take a look and enjoy the reunion of this wonderful group of cards. If you have any questions about these or any vintage memorabilia give us a call toll free at 877-606-5263. We will be glad to help. Sincerely, the staff at Memory Lane, Inc.