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Don’t miss out on a great selection of auctions that are in progress and ending this week  (*) Indicates Auction in Progress.  Auctions include:  * Legendary  Auctions (Nov. 28/29),  * Collect Auctions (Nov. 29), * Sirius Sports Cards  (Nov. 29), * Small Traditions  (Nov. 29), * Sterling Sports Auctions  (Nov. 29),  * Juliens Auctions (Nov. 30),  * Schulte Auctions (Nov. 30),  * SCP Auctions  (Nov. 30/Dec. 1), * MEARS Auctions (Dec. 1),   * Profiles in History (Dec. 1).

Legendary Auctions November 28–29 Catalog Auction is now open for bidding.  In addition to the Dreier Collection and the Kent Feddeman Collection, the Legendary November 28–29 Catalog Auction presents an incredible offering of collections from advanced, long-time collectors and their families.

Collect Auctions bidding is now live. The auction is viewable and available for bidding at www.collectauctions.com/catalog.aspx. There are more than 800 lots of sports cards, signatures from virtually every Hall of Famer, memorabilia, game-used items, presidential items, entertainment and Americana items to choose from. Bidding ends Thursday, November 29 at 9:00 p.m. CST (10:00 EST).  If you aren’t registered, you must do so before bidding. This can be done by clicking this link and filling out the required information.

Sirius Sports Cards Auction #69 is now open for bidding. There are over 1000 lots for auction that will end on Thursday, November 29, 2012 at 11 PM EST using the 15 minute rule. This auction features many high grade and low pop cards for collectors to complete their sets from the 1950’s through the 1970’s.  Graded cards featuring all sports and memorabilia too.  To view the auction and to place your bids go to siriussportsauctions.com.

Our Monthly Auction #3 is our best auction yet, and it is now live. We are still adding new items all this week, and we are still arranging categories and descriptions, but you are now able to bid. If you have already registered, thank you! If you have not registered, here are 10 reason why you should register and bid today.

The November Sterling Sports Auction #17 is in progress! Bidding has started and continues through November 29th. The auction is highlighted by a 1933 Goudey Babe Ruth & 1958 Topps Jim Brown Rookie PSA 7. Once again, there is a nice selection of graded and raw cards, Hall of Famers and commons, A nice selection from the 4 major sports and a large variety of non-sports including a high grade 1964 Topps Beatles B & W Series 3 set. Overall 831 items up for bid! Visit the Sterling Sports Auction web site no bid and register.

 Julien’s Auctions, the world’s premier sports and entertainment auction house, announces the auction of exclusive Property From The Life and Career of Evander Holyfield, an unprecedented array of boxing memorabilia, household items, vehicles, jewelry and personal property being offered at auction on Friday, November 30th, 2012.  Bidders can register at www.juliensauctions.com and bidders can also register AND view lots at www.julienslive.com (that is our bidding site). Printed catalogues can be ordered from www.juliensauctions.com or by calling (310) 836-1818.

SCP Auctions is proud to offer significant rings, awards and memorabilia from Paul Hornung’s extraordinary Hall of Fame career. Bidding concludes on Friday, November 30 for the Dundee Collection and  Saturday, Dec. 1 for the rest of the auction. The auction will be conducted online at SCPAuctions.com. The fall auction will also feature hundreds of other historically significant sports memorabilia items and cards, including The Angelo Dundee Estate Collection of boxing memorabilia, The Ozzie Smith Collection of baseball memorabilia and personal basketball memorabilia of Basketball Hall of Famers Oscar Robertson, Sam Jones and David Thompson. For more information on how to participate, visit www.scpauctions.com or call (949) 831-3700.


Don’t miss out on some great vintage entertainment /sports memorabilia in this month’s Schulte’s on-line auction. Make sure to register and visit our web site at www.schulteauctions.com today to enjoy all of the auction items. You can also contact us by email at ContactUs@SchulteAuctions.com or by phone at (410) 350-6226.   Check it out – auction ends  November 30, 2012 at 9:15pm EST! Check out all of the items of sports memorabilia, autographs, and more up for bid.

Welcome to the Profiles in History first Internet-only online Animation Auction! The 500 animation cels presented in this auction are from the 1990’s Marvel Animated Series broadcast on Fox. One of the most popular animated series of the 90’s, the X-Men series, was the longest running Marvel Comics based TV show. Keeping in the tradition of the original comic book story lines, these cels were based on Jim Lee’s character designs. Bidding ends December 1, 2012.

Vintage Sports, Baseball, Basketball, Football and more are featured in the November 23- December 1, 2012 Sports Auction, at www.mearsonlineauctions.com .   Over 560 quality lots.

CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Steiner Sports Auctions (Internet)DailyDailyOn-Going
Lelands.com (Ebay Auctions)WeeklyWeeklyOn-Going
Just Collect (Ebay Auctions)WeeklyWeeklyOn-Going
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Legendary AuctionsNov. 18Nov. 28/29Past
Collect AuctionsNov. 18Nov. 29Past
Sirius Sports CardsNov. 17Nov. 29On-Going
Small TraditionsNov. 12Nov. 29On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsNov. 15Nov. 29On-Going
Schulte AuctionsNov. 1Nov. 30On-Going
Julien’s AuctonsNov. 19Nov. 30On-Going
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
SCP AuctionNov. 14Nov.30/Dec. 1Past
MEARS AuctionsNov. 23Dec. 1Past
Profiles in HistoryNov. 23Dec. 1Past
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Nov. 25Dec. 2On-Going
Steve NovellaNov. 27Dec. 4-5Past
Goodwin & CompanyNov. 17Dec. 5On-Going
Steiner Sports AuctionsOct. 17Dec. 5On-Going
PWCC Auctions #10Nov. 26Dec. 3-9Past
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 2Dec. 9On-Going
Steve NovellaDec. 4Dec. 11-12Past
Huggins & Scott AuctionsDec. 3Dec. 13Past
Schulte AuctionsDec. 1Dec. 13On-Going
Memory Lane Inc.Nov 30.Dec. 15Past
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 9Dec. 16On-Going
Profiles in HistoryNov 15Dec. 15Past
Steve NovellaDec. 11Dec. 18-20Past
LelandsNov. 19Dec. 21Past
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 16Dec. 23On-Going
Heritage Auctions – (Internet)Dec. 23Dec. 9On-Going
Schulte AuctionsDec. 15Dec. 27On-Going
MEARS AuctionsDec. 22Dec. 30Dec. 12
Small TraditionsNov. 29Dec. 27On-Going
Sterling Sports AuctionsDec. 13Dec. 27On-Going
Schulte AuctionsDec. 1Dec. 31On-Going
Company – 2013 Auction DatesAuction StartsAuction Ends2013 Consignment Deadlines
Huggins & Scott AuctionsJan. 28Feb. 7Dec. 31
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Huggins & Scott AuctionsApril 1April 11March 4
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Huggins & Scott AuctionsJune 3June 13May 6
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Huggins & Scott AuctionsJuly 29Aug. 8July 1
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Huggins & Scott AuctionsSept. 30Oct. 10Sept. 2
CompanyAuction StartsAuction EndsConsignment Deadline
Huggins & Scott AuctionsDec. 2Dec. 12Nov. 4

Featured Auctions

(*) Indicates Auction in Progress
(*) JG Autographs: April 14 - April 20
(*) Steve Novella: April 14 - April 20
(*) Clean Sweep Auctions: March 19-April 21-22
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 6 - April 21-22
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 1 - April 22
(*) NBA Auctions: April 1 - April 22
(*) RR Auction: April 15 - April 22
(*) Sirius Sports Cards: April 12 - April 22
(*) Steve Novella: April 17 - April 22
(*) Gott Have Rock & Roll: April 14 - April 23
(*) Bagger's Auctions: April 14 - April 24
(*) Goldin Auctions: April 8 - April 24
(*) Collectable: April 19 - April 25
(*) Pristine Auction: April 1 - April 25
(*) Auction of Champions: April 14 - April 26
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 12 - April 26
JG Autographs: April 21 - April 27
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 14 - April 28-29
Iconic Auctions: April 22 - April 29
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 9 - April 29
(*) NBA Auctions: April 8 - April 29
Detroit City Sports Auction: April 21 - May 1
MEARS Auctions: April 23 - May 1
(*) Kevin Savage Cards: April 19 - May 3
JG Autographs: April 28 - May 4
(*) MeiGray Auctions: April 15 - May 6
(*) NBA Auctions: April 15 - May 6
Rockhurst Auctions: April 26 - May 6
Sirius Sports Cards: April 26 - May 6
Sterling Sports: April 22 - May 6
(*) VSA Auctions: April 19 - May 6
(*) Heritage Auctions: April 12 - May 6-8
The Collector Connection: April 21 - May 9
Auction of Champions: April 28 - May 10
JG Autographs: May 5- May 11
RR Auction: April 23 - May 12
Kevin Savage Cards: April 26 - May 12-13
NBA Auctions: April 22 - May 13
Pristine Auction: May 1 - May 30
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