Exceptional Generation “T” Collection of 1,300+ Tobacco Cards Coming to Lelands Summer & Fall 2020 Auctions

An extraordinary, fresh to the hobby collection of tobacco cards headlined by hundreds of T206 and T205 cards will be offered in the Lelands 2020 Fall Classic Auction. Approximately 15 lots from the Generation “T” collection, the centerpiece being a T205 Ty Cobb SGC 5, will be up for sale in the Lelands 2020 Mid-Summer Pop-Up, which runs from July 19 – Aug. 2.

In total, the spectacular collection, which was passed down through the consignor’s family for three generations, features over 1,300 vintage cards including 400+ T206’s with five Ty Cobbs, nearly 400 T205’s with two Cobbs, nearly 20 T227’s with four Cobbs as well as T202’s, T201’s, E98’s, E95’s, E96’s and much more. The consignor had every single card graded by SGC in 2006 and has kept them in file cabinets ever since.

The Generation “T” collection is packed with Hall of Famers including the aforementioned Cobb, Cy Young, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson. The collection also features three extremely rare T206 backs: two Lenox and one Broad Leaf.

For more information about the collection, visit https://lelands.com/.

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